Best Car Dash Cameras Review 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Dashboard cameras are very popular today due to the numerous benefits they offer. A dashboard camera is a camera that is mounted on a car dashboard in order to record images and sounds while you are driving. The camera is very important for recording everything you see while driving as well as the inside of your car. This makes it possible for you to have a record of some of the interesting and beautiful things you see on the road while driving.

However, choosing a car dash camera is not an easy task since there are so many options to choose from. Below is a list of the best car dash cameras reviews to help make your selection easier.

1. Rexing V1

Resolution: 1920×1080@320fpsRexing V1

File format: MOV(video format) and JPG (photo format)

Viewing Angles: 170° diagonal

Weight: approximately 60g

Rexing V1 is a camera that was made in China and released to the market in the year 2015. This camera is wedge-shaped and can be stuck directly to your windshield using the upper side of the camera’s casing without using a mount. This enables you to achieve a more discreet installation.

If you are looking to make an attractive video with this camera, the best time to use it would be during the day since the colors are more vivid during this time of day. However, if you are using the camera while driving, it might be challenging to make out driving licenses. At night, the quality of your video will depend on the amount of lighting available. The audio is perfect during night and day.

In terms of features, Rexing V1 has all the must have camera features such as G-sensor, time/date stamp, loop recording and automatic on and off. It also features a button that turns the display off and on. This is an amazing feature you will not find in most dash cameras in the market today.

Overall, Rexing V1 is a fantastic camera with great usability and discreet form factor. However, at its price, its video quality ought to be better than it is. This camera’s manual is also not very accurate. However, the camera is very easy to use and one does not need a manual to operate it. Despite these minor setbacks, it is definitely highly recommended.

2. Yi Dash Cam

Resolution: 23041×296@30fps

File format: mp4 (video format)

Viewing Angles: 165° diagonal

Weight: 45g

Most people confuse Yi Dash Cam with Yi Action Cam. However, these two cameras are very different. Yi Dash Cam is the specialized version. The Yi Dash Cam has been optimized and upgraded to be used as a car DVR.

Another common mistake a lot of people make when it comes to this camera is referring to it as Xiaomi Yi Dash Cam. This is not the camera’s real name. Yi Dash Cam is produced by a company known as YI Technology in China which is not related to Xiaomi in any way.

The best thing about this camera is the fact that it is very simple to use. It features everything you need in a dash camera without all the bells and whistles you will normally find in hefty priced dash cameras. The menu of the camera is icon based and also very easy to use. This combines with the large screen makes the camera very easy to use even for people who are not very tech-savvy. Its simplicity also makes it very fun to use because you can understand all the features.

With its high quality design and good video quality, Yi Dash Cam is a great camera to purchase if you are looking for an affordable camera that is not only easy to use but also has a sturdy design.

3. Garmin Dash Cam 20

Resolution: 1920×1080@30fpsGarmin Dash Cam 20

File format: AVI(video format)

Viewing Angles: 160 degrees diagonal

Weight: 121g

Garmin is the company behind Garmin Dash Cam 20. The company was founded in America and it deals with the manufacture of different navigation equipment. They released Garmin Dash Cam 20 in the year 2014. The camera has ana amazing design and a great sturdy feel.

This camera has a maximum resolution of 1080p, a large viewing angle and a perfect video quality during the day. The video quality of the camera is fair during the night depending on the lighting conditions. This camera features a 2.3″ LCD screen which is very big compared to other cameras in the market. This enables you to have a perfect view while in your car. The camera is also very easy to use thanks to its user-friendly menu system.

Garmin Dash Cam 20 also features a suction cup which makes detaching the camera very easy. This comes in handy when you want to use the camera to take pictures. It is a great feature especially in the event of an accident. You can use it to take a lot of high quality images.

The only downside this camera has compared to other cameras in the market is the fact that it comes with a very short power supply cable. This makes it difficult for you to run the cable behind the windshield. Therefore, you might have to buy a longer cable if you do not want the cable hanging down the center of your windshield. However, apart from this minor setback, the camera is of very good quality and very easy to use. It would be a great investment for anyone looking for a high quality dash camera with an amazing design.

4. RoadHawk HD

Resolution: 1920×1080@30fpsRoadhawk HD

File format: MP4 (video format)

Viewing Angles: 127° diagonal

Weight: 45g

If you are looking for a camera with great video quality during the day and night, RoadHawk HD is the camera to get. This camera was released back in 2013 and it still ranks high compared to other cameras in the market. It features a Wild Dynamic Range(WDR) which is responsible for the high quality videos you get day and night. This camera was also among the first cameras to incorporate Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature which enables you to have smooth video footage even when you are driving on a very bumpy road.

RoadHawk HD comes with an 8GB SD card but the camera supports up to 64GB of memory. This means you can record very long footages before the loop recording begins to overwrite your previous footages. The impact detection feature also prevents overwriting of footage by accident.

Apart from this, this camera allows you to configure a lot of things on your Mac or PC because Windows and iOS applications are included in a CD- ROM. Additionally, the camera features a 3.5mm microphone-in adapter. Therefore, if you value high-quality sound, you have the option of plugging in an extra microphone. All in all, RoadHawk HD has everything you need in a dash camera. It is very easy to use and it is very sturdy which makes it perfect for everyone including those who are not great with technological gadgets.

5. VIOFO A119S

Resolution: 1920×1080@30fpsVIOFO A119S

File format: MP4 (video format)

Viewing Angles: 135° diagonal

Weight: approximately 65g

Viofo A119S was released in the year 2016 as a modified version of Viofo A119 dash camera. At first glance, the cameras look very identical apart from the updated lens.

The most striking difference between these two cameras is the fact that Viofo A119S has a lower maximum resolution of 1080p at 60 frames per seconds. This is very low compared to Viofo A119’S 1440p. This change was made in order to improve the quality of videos the user achieves during the night. Few pixels means that the individual pixels are larger in size. This makes them more light sensitive thereby improving video quality. This is the main reason why Viofo A119S has better video quality during the night. However, Viofo A119 still has an upper hand because it has a higher resolution.

Let’s have a look at some of the similarities and differences between Viofo A119 and Viofo A119S.


  • They both use a similar casing and mount.
  • A GPS receiver can be built in the mount.
  • They both use a capacitor.- They both record a bit rate of 20 Mbps.
  • Up to 128GB SD Cards- They are both very discreet
  • They are both very easy to set up and use and have a 2″ screen
  • You can attach a CPL filter on both cameras to minimize sunlight glare


  • Angle of view: Viofo A119S has a 135° angle of view and A119 has a 160° angle of view
  • A119S costs about $10-20 more
  • Lens: A119S used 7G and A119 uses a 6G lens
  • Aperture: A119S has f/1.6 aperture and A119 has f/1.8
  • Resolution: A119S has a lower resolution of 1080p while A119 has a resolution of 1440p
Viofo did a good job with Viofo A119S, there is definitely an improvement in the quality of videos one achieves during the night. During the day, both cameras offer high quality features. However, Viofo A119 has an upper hand because it has a higher resolution.

If you are looking for a camera that will give you excellent results day and night, Viofo A119S is the camera to get. It has incredible performance and improved features. Its predecessor is also an excellent choice if you do not drive at night very often. However, it is advisable to go for the A119S because you will not have to invest in another camera when you decide to start shooting at night.

6. Transcend 200

Resolution: 1920×1080@30fpsTranscend 200

File format: MOV (video format)

Viewing Angles: 160° diagonal

Weight: 86g

Transcend 200 is also commonly referred to as TS16GDP200. The company behind Transcend 200 is Transcend; an esteemed Taiwanese manufacturer of memory cards. The company released this easy to use dashboard camera back in the year 2013.

This camera comes with a 16GB SD card that enables you to store long footages. In addition to this, the camera also has a 15Mbps bit rate which records high quality day and night time videos. Transcend 200 is becoming quite popular because of its reliability, ease of use and Wi-Fi capability. It is one of the few cameras on the market that offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

Its 160-degree angle of view is larger than what most cameras on the market offer today. It also features a 2.4″ screen which gives you a perfect view and easy playback. You can configure the camera on your laptop or smartphone through the Wi-Fi function.

Most people also love the fact that this camera is very easy to configure. Once you have connected the camera to the cigarette lighter for power, it will automatically go on and prompt you for the date and time. Once you have set the time and date, the camera will automatically begin to record. This makes the camera a perfect fit even for the technically challenged.

The camera also features a G-sensor that enables you to save all your footage when a sudden impact or breaking maneuver is detected. It also features an emergency button that you can use to save any footage you do not want to lose in such situations.

The other great feature of this dash cam is the fact that you can choose between 1, 3 and 5 minutes of recording. If you want to have manageable recordings, it would be best to go for the 1-minute recordings because they are the easiest to manage. However, all the recordings are seamless and there aren’t any gaps created between the video files.

Transcend 200 is a great camera to invest in. It is of medium size, very easy to use, has a good design and the video quality is great at night and during the day. It provides everything you need in a dash camera and it is very affordable. The company also has excellent customer support. Therefore, you can be assured that there will be someone to help you in case you have any challenges when using the camera.

7. Lumina Full HD 1080P Zoom-Series

Resolution: 1920×1080@30fpsLumina Full HD 1080P Zoom-Series

File format: Mp4 (video format)

Viewing Angles: 170° diagonal

Weight: less than 1 pound

Product Introduction

Lumina Full HD 1080P Zoom- Series is one of the best car dash cameras on the market today. This camera was released in the year 2016 and it is still giving competitors a run for their money. It has 1080p recording and a very sleek design among many other amazing features.

Lumina Full HD 1080P Zoom Series is a full-featured car dash camera. It is very easy to set up and includes everything you need to get started including cable clips and adhesive for mounting. This camera has a compact and sleek design and it is built for stealth and discretion. If you are looking for a camera that is not easily detectable, this is the camera to go for. It is one of the smallest cameras on the market measuring 4.7 by 3.9 by 3.2 inches and weighing less than one pound.

The 170 angle of view makes it possible for you to capture most of the surroundings in your videos. The camera also features a6- layer Nikon glass that filters light thereby enabling you to capture high quality images in different types of lighting conditions. The other thing you will love about this camera is the fact that it comes with two video ports. You have the option of connecting the camera to your computer through the micro USB port or to your television via the HDMI port.

Apart from all these incredible features, Lumina Full HD 1080P Zoom- Series also includes all the basic features you need in a car dash camera such as 1080p video, G-sensor and loop recording among others. The G-sensor detects impacts. In the event of an accident, the G-sensor locks the most recent video clip preventing you from losing the footage. Loop recording enables the camera to continuously record. When the memory card is full, it records over the unlocked footages. With the full HD 1080p recording, you are able to record high quality videos during the day and during the night.

In summary, Lumina Full HD 1080P Zoom- Series is one of the best discreet car dash cameras today. It is not only easy to set up but also produces high-quality images throughout the day. It is perfect for tech-savvy individuals as well as those who are technically challenged. With this car dash camera, you get more than you pay for. Therefore, it is worth investing in.

8. Z-Edge Z3

Resolution: 2304×1296@30fpsZ-Edge Z3
File format: MOV (video format) and JPG(photo format)

Viewing Angles: 145° diagonal

Weight: 63.5g

Z-Edge Z3 is one of the most popular car dash cameras released in 2016. This camera is originally made in China but is normally distributed by Zero Edge Technology LLC; an American company.

There are so many things to love about this dash camera. First and foremost, this camera can record up to 1296p at 30fps. This is larger than what most dash cameras on the market offer. With this kind of format, you are able to see most of your surroundings in your videos while minimizing the amount of sky and ground in your videos. The 140-degrees angle of view also enhances the amount of surrounding you can capture in your videos.

The video quality is very good during the day and fair during the night. Compared to similar dash cameras on the market, this camera appears to be blurry at times. However, it is possible to clearly see license plates at close range with this camera. This is not a possibility with most car dash cameras in the market.

Z-Edge Z3 is a camera that mainly has the basic features like loop recording, G-sensor, date and time stamp and automatic on and off. It does not have the extra features like Wi-Fi capability and GPS. Therefore, this camera is perfect for anyone looking for a basic camera without too many complex features. It is easy to use, has great performance and produces high quality videos and images.

9. KDLinks X1

Resolution: 1920×1080p@30fpsKDLinks X1

File format: MOV (video format) and JPG(photo format)

Viewing Angles: 165° diagonal

Weight: Approx 60g

KDLinks X1 is a high quality car dash camera that was released back in the year 2014. It has an angle lens of 165 degrees and a Full HD 1080p video. These features enable you to capture most of the things you can see through your windshield on your camera.

The video quality on this camera is great during the day and fair during the night. You can see most things visibly on this camera. For license plates, you can only see them clearly when you are at close range. However, due to the large angle of view, the edges of the screen are a bit distorted. Therefore, some of the objects captured towards the edges might not be as clear as the ones captured in the middles on the screen.

The main thing that sets KDLinks X1 apart from its competitors is the amazing customer support. They respond to all customer questions within 24 hours every day of the year even if it is during the holidays and weekends. As a result, the company has excellent customer satisfaction. This has made the camera one of the highest ranked car dash cameras currently available.

10. Falcon Zero F-360

Falcon Zero F-360
Resolution: 960×720@20fps

File format: AVI(video format) and JPG(photo format)

Viewing Angles: 120°diagonal

Weight: Approx 60g

Falcon Zero F-360 is normally mounted on the rear-view mirror. This car dash camera has two lenses and both of them can be rotated 180 degrees. This makes it possible for you to record the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The camera is mostly used by taxi drivers because it makes it possible for them to record their passengers.

Like most taxi cams, Falcon Zero F-360 does not produce high quality videos. During the day, you can only achieve basic quality videos and at night, the quality of videos is very poor. Therefore, it might not be a great option if you are looking for high quality videos. However, the main reason why this dash camera is on this list is the fact that it is the best taxi cam in the market. Its lenses are equipped with infrared LEDs that are very advantageous when you want to record inside your car. However, the LEDs are not very useful outside.

Falcon Zero-F360 has all the basic features required in a dash camera such as date/time stamp, loop recording and automatic on and off feature. It also has a 32GB SD card that can hold up to 8 hours of footage. It is an excellent choice for taxi drivers who want to keep watch of passengers to ensure nothing suspicious is happening. For this, you do not need very high quality video. Therefore, Falcon Zero F-360 would be perfectly fine.

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