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Adobe Photoshop Express has been around since 2008 and remains a favorite because it is a great tool for editing online photos without having to download, edit and then upload again.

Though the tool palette is limited compared the all-mighty  Photoshop desktop version, it offers sufficient basic functions like crop, rotate, auto-correct, red-eye removal, saturation tool, touch-up tool, the effects filter, tuning, and changing exposure. With the increase in the use of social media, the demand for online editing tools has escalated. Adobe Photoshop online provides a better editing interface than most of the other editing software available online.

How to edit photos with Photoshop Express Editor online

(Click to watch the full video tutorial on YouTube)

1. Go to

2. Create your login and website

3. You can upload your photos to Photoshop and save it or you can directly choose from your system

4. Go to Tools’ – Photoshop express editor’

You don’t have to use the buy option. Press the Upload photo’ button

5. Upload your photo to the editing platform

6. Choose from different options from the left side of the page, like crop & rotate, resize, auto correct, saturation, etc.

7. Once you have finished editing, click Done’ at the bottom right side of the page

8. Click Save to Computer’ and save it to your desired location.

For example, to make finer details in a picture more prominent and clear, you can use the exposure tool to adjust the light falling on the picture by changing the brightness and contrast. With the saturation tool, you can change the color, purity, and lightness of an image.You can even use the sharpen tool to give a better focus to the picture.

Best 3 Online Photo Editor Like Photoshop Express Editor

1. Pixlr

Like Photoshop Express Editor, this is a photo editing tool that is simple to use, fast and is loaded with sufficient features to do a decent photo editing job. You can upload your own image or find one from the web to edit. The layout of the tool setup and how it works is very similar to the Photoshop Express Editor, and with basic knowledge of edit tools, you can get to work on Pixlr. A great feature is its one-click function to change size, add effects, change hues, color, saturation, inversion, etc. Loading an image from the web is made easier with the Grabber’ for Firefox and Windows that allows any image to be uploaded for editing by right clicking on the image.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Pixlr tutorials are easy to understand with clear steps
  • Results are as good as Photoshop and with similar layout


  • Help section offers very limited help
  • Tutorials are not exhaustive
  • Requires knowledge of photo editing software

2. is a great tool for those who make a living out of online blogging, businesses, affiliate marketing, etc., without an over the top budget for editing your photos to put up on your website. It is a free tool and helps you create any graphic design you wish with its simple drag and drop user interface. With many in built features to help you create a design you actually create your own design faster than you thought it possible. Those who are new to graphic designing will find that this tool takes away the fear factor’ out of designing. You can design many things with Canvas including Facebook posts, Ads, Instagram posts, Pinterest images, Magazine pages, Flyers, Menus, Business cards, Thumbnails, Email Header, etc.


  • Free video training courses
  • If you become a premier member you can have your own logo using pre-made templates
  • Download transparent designs
  • Helpful email support system that responds quickly


  • Some stock photos are free but to use the others you need to pay $1 for one time use
  • Premium membership offers better options

3. iPiccy

This is yet another online image editor that offers useful tools to edit your image online with easy user interface and easy to locate tools. There are many templates and layouts for making the photo collage. Images can be directly downloaded from a web page, uploaded from your system, or taken from a webcam. You can save it to your computer in JPG or PNG format. Sharing is easy with iPiccy because you can share the edited picture directly to Facebook.


  • Easy user interface
  • No user account required
  • Easy to make photo collage
  • Have many tools including basic and advanced
  • One click fix to images
  • Scroll zooming
  • Can share photo to Facebook directly


  • Only JPG and PNG file formats for saving edited images
  • Only one sharing option
  • No image resizing within a collage
  • Cannot create custom collage layout
  • Individual images of college need to be edited and downloaded to the computer before it can be uploaded into the college

With these great photo editors available for free download, editing photos online have become quick and easy. If you are a pro blogger or run your own online business, these photo editors are great tools to get your image edited and uploaded in no time. The easy user interfaces that all these photo editing software offer makes it easy for beginners to start off without spending too much on costly editing options and graphic designs. While the software is available for free download, the premium versions offer better tools, templates, and designs that you can use for customizing your business page. Try the software for free download and experience efficient online photo editing.

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