Top 12 Best Apps for Editing Instagram Photos

Instagram, a photo-based social website, is used by over 500 million businesses around the world to tell their stories.

Every day, over 95 million photos are shared worldwide , this has made it even more difficult for brands to stand out from the fierce competetion.

Luckily, we’ve tested and found some of the best photo editing apps you can use to touch up your Instagram pictures.

Best Online Instagram Photo Editors

1. Photo Editor- Photogramio -Free Onine Photo Editing

Photogramio is an online photo editor with numerous photo editing tools. This photo editor has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it possible for you to edit your photos within the shortest amount of time.  Some of its main features includes:

  • Remove red eye
  • Resize/rotate photos, rotate
  • Add effects, add boarders, change colors
  • Create collages,
  • Add captions and icons among other things

2. Insta Editor -Instagram Editor for PC online

Insta Editor is a great  Instagram editor online with numerous tools and filters. This online photo editor has all the basic tools you need to edit your Instagram pictures such as vignette, blur, contrast and brightness among others. It is very easy to use and it produces amazing results.

Top 10 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

1. BLACK – B&W Film Emulator-Best App for Black and White Photos

There was a great balck and white filter on Instagram that was known as Gotham. When the app got updated, the filter was removed and replaced by Inkwell. Gotham was a great filter that helped in creating a noir-style. Without Gotham, it is difficult to create a great black and white picture on Instagram. However with Black, an iOS app you can create different high-quality black and white photographs. The app emulates black and white films with filters to give you amazing results. It is easy to use and has numerous black and white filters to choose from.

2. Photo Editor by Aviary-One Stop Shop for Any Photo Editing Purpose

Do you feel like Instagram does not provide enough settings? If so, try Photo Editor by Aviary. This app has a complete range of color correctors and effects that you can use to enhance your photos. It is very easy to use and it does not take up to much space in your device. This application is compatible with both iPhone and android.

3. FaceTune-Best Instagram App for Selfies

There are some android smartphones that come with ‘beauty’ features. These enable you to smooth out your face, distort your features and get rid of blemishes. Unfortunately, iPhones do not have these features. If you are a fan of taking selfies, you will really benefit from FaceTune. This is an iPhone app that you can use to whiten your teeth and airbrush your skin in just a few swipes. The app is easy to use and very affordable compared to similar apps on the market.

4. Snapseed: Powerful editing tool

Snapseed is one of the best apps you can use for editing your Instagram photos. With this app, you can remove red eyes, tilt your photos and add filters among other things. This app is very useful if you want to make specific elements of your picture to pop such as logos. It is easy to use and it supports both android and iPhone.

5. Hyperlapse from Instagram-Best Time-lapse App

Hyperlapse is the best app you can use to create time-lapses. This app not only allows you to speed up a slow video from x1 to x12 the original speed but also features amazing image-stabilization software. This app uses your iPhone’s gyroscope for the purpose of measuring and removing frames that appear shaking in order to produce a high-quality smooth video. Therefore, if you are a fan of making Instagram videos this is a must-have app for you.

6. Slow Shutter Cam-for Taking Long Exposure Photos

Have you ever seen the pictures where glowing shapes and letters seem to float in the air during the night? Did you know you can create such pictures with just a few clicks? This can be done using the Slow Shutter Cam. All you need to do is take a few glow sticks and use the app to shoot long exposure images. You will need to do a bit of practice in order to get the hang off this app. However, when you get used to it, you will be able to produce high-quality images. The app is available for both android and iPhone.

7. Typic: Good for Adding Text and Doodles

Adding text to photos enables people to understand the picture better and it also adds some emotion to the picture. You cannot do it with Instagram but there are great apps you can use to add text to your Instagram photos. A perfect example is Typic. This app is easy to use and can be used to add stamps as well. Typic is only available for iPhone at $2.99.

8. Bokehful-Bokeh Light Effetcs

Bokeh refers to an aesthetic quality of blur that is produced in the parts of an image that are out of focus. It is a classic photo effect that makes images look very unique. You cannot achieve the Bokeh effect using your smartphone camera. However, with Bokehful, you can be able to achieve this effect with just a few clicks. This app is only supports iPhone phones.

9. Layout-Instagram Collage App

Nobody likes looking at their Instagram feed and seeing one post after another by the same person. Layout is a great app by Instagram that enables you to create collage images to combine all your pictures into one. It has numerous layouts and effects to choose from to make your pictures more interesting. Layout is available for iOS and android.

10. A Color Story-Photo Editing App

One of the things Instagram lacks is numerous editing tools. It is not possible to completely transform your photos using the Instagram app alone. This is where A Color Story comes in. This is an android and iPhone app with about 100 filters, 20 in-app tools and 40 different effects. These make it possible for you to edit your pictures to the maximum to ensure you get the best results. The app is very easy to use and has a save feature that enables you to save all the images you have edited.

you do not have to forego uploading your photos to Instagram because they have a few errors here and there. You can use any of these Instagram editors to transform your images. No matter which app you choose you will be able to acheive amazing results.

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