Top 23 Best Photoshop Plugins

With the right Photoshop plugins, you can do just about anything to your pictures. But choosing the right plugin can seem overwhelming. No one plugin is the same as another. The different plugins all offer a variety of effects that can boost your photography, web design, or artwork to a whole new level.

Find out which Photoshop plugins can best transform your images into masterpieces with this list of the top 23 plugins.

7 Photoshop Plugins for web designers

Photoshop, by itself, isn’t particularly friendly to web designers. However, with a few choice Photoshop plugins, the program transforms into a powerhouse for designers. Plugins can help you create templates for web design, communicate your ideas with developers, and convert your plans to code. These seven plugins can turn Adobe Photoshop into your preferred method for web design.

1. Eye Candy

Eye Candy 7 makes effects that look completely real. It can add unique features to your photos, like fire, animal fur, and reptile skin. The result is incredibly realistic; the plugin gets all of the details right down to the last hair or scale. There are 32 categories of effects and more than 1000 preset effects. You can even create as many of your own styles as you want.

What’s more, Eye Candy is easy to use. The menu has easy to see icons that can be found without an extensive tutorial. The interface is sleek and simple, and the results are incredible. It’s so user-friendly that it uses non-destructive editing, so your changes won’t destroy your original image.

2. WebZap

Created for web developers, WebZap is one Photoshop plugin that can help you design an amazing user interface. It assists you in making a mockup and helps with your workflow.

With this plugin, you can use pre-formatted templates to avoid working with text boxes in Photoshop. It eliminates the need to copy and paste text just so you can see how it will work in the text box. All of the formats fit the 980 grid system, so it’s very functional.

Interface elements come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can easily customize them however you’d like. For web developers looking to save time, this plugin can get the job done.

3. CSS3Ps

This plugin formats all of your layers to CSS3. It’s as simple as selecting your layers, then clicking on the CSS3 tab. You can generate code at the click of a button, and it’s a simple solution for many Photoshop users.

4. Guide Guide

This mathematical plugin helps you to set guides for your designs without any hassle. When your guide is in proportions to fit your design, the plugin knows it. And best of all, it’s easy to use. Input the guide’s location, and your work is done.

5. Ink

Web designers have the difficult task of communicating their vision to a team of developers. And this isn’t always easy to do. Ink simplifies the process by giving your developers information about your mockups. It includes details about your layers, typography, effects, and more. Instead of hoping that the team understands your vision, you can rest easy knowing that they have everything they need to get the job done.

6. HTML Block

This is one of the Photoshop Plugins that can be a huge help to coders. It uses the WebKit engine and transforms your work to both HTML and CSS. There are tons of applications for this plugin, like font smoothing, previewing your pages in browsers, and more.

7. Renamy

Although Renamy does one thing and one thing alone, it does it well. Renamy allows you to rename several different layers at the same time before you export them all. For web designers, this can be a huge time saver.

6 Free and Paid Photoshop Filter Effects Plugins

Filter Effects can have a major impact on your photographs. Some filter effects plugins only offer a few filters, and others have hundreds. And some of the filter effects are unique, while others harken back to traditional photography. Which of these filter Photoshop plugins is right for you?

1. Filter Forge

Much like the name implies, Filter Forge is a plugin of filters. The filters do everything from creating textures to enhancing photos. But the plugin does a few things that other filter plugins can’t do. For one, it allows you to create your very own filters. If that sounds too time consuming, you can choose from over 10,000 filters created by other users. For free access to the plugin, you can contribute your own filter to their collection.

2. Google Nik Collection

Once hundreds of dollars, the Nik Collection is now a set of free plugins. With it, you have access to vintage filters, HDR effects, color enhancement and correction, noise reduction, image sharpening, and more. This set gives you the opportunity to edit your photos with some very high quality software, and it’s all for free when you download it from Google.

You might be wondering why such a huge asset is free. Google claims that they are focusing on mobile photo editing tools. So, the drop in price doesn’t signify any drop in quality. You get all of the same features that you got if you had paid $500 when it was first released. For example, you get the

Silver Efex Pro filter. This filter uses controls inspired by the dark room to transform your image into a black and white photograph. Analog Efex Pro gives your photos the same look that it would get with a classic analog camera. There are plenty of other filters to explore with the Nik Collection.

3. Kubota Texture Tools Industrial

To add texture to your photos on Photoshop, look no further than Kubota Texture Tools. Once you install the plugin, you get access to 50 textures. And you’re not limited to using those textures as they come. You can rotate textures, change opacity of them, tone down their color, and more. Size them to fit your image perfectly, and you might have a new favorite plugin.

There are some very unique textures included in this bundle. You can choose from fingernails, cobalt, bubblize, buzz, and more. If you download a dashboard plugin, you can access the effects with ease through Photoshop. For a different twist on your photography, Kubota Texture Tools is worth downloading.

4. Fractalius

Photohop plugins can have some unique effects, and this one is no exception. The plugin uses hidden fractal texture to turn any image into a piece of art. The concept is simpler than it sounds. Every image is made up of hidden fractals. The plugin uses those fractals to transform an image. It’s something you need to see for yourself.

You can also turn an image into a pencil sketch and imitate certain types of lighting. The effects are all very realistic. If you want to give your photos an artistic twist, Fractalius is a great option.

5. Dream Suite Ultimates

Loaded with 48 effects, this plugin is a winner for graphic artists. Included in the plugin is content from DreamSuite One, Two, and Gel. And that’s not all. The content is improved and it contains 12 additional artistic effects. This powerful tool has the ability to edit photos that rivals the best.

And while this plugin is great for experienced graphic designers, it also works well for the novice looking to add some incredible filters to their images. Anyone can bring their images to new levels with this plugin.

6. Perfect Effects 3

While some Photoshop plugins have incredible effects, those effects can take time to produce. Perfect Effects 3 speeds up the process. The free plugin can do color treatments, add texture, and add borders to an image- and it does it all in record time. It also comes with an effects gallery that gives you the ability to stack effects to get a unique impact.

2 Tools That Enlarge Photos Up To 100% (Without Losing Quality)

While many plugins can enlarge photos, few of them can enlarge to a certain point while they maintain the original quality of the photos. These two plugins have been put to the test, and they came out with flying colors.

1. Perfect Resize 9.5

This plugin doesn’t only enlarge images taken with a camera- it also enlarges images from DSLR cameras and mobile phones. Because it uses algorithms run by fractals, the clarity and detail of the image remains the same after it is enlarged. It’s also proper to crop and level your images. After you’re finished working with it, you can even directly print your images.

2. Blow Up 3

With this plugin, you can enlarge your photo without compromising the quality. It uses an algorithm that is much more complicated than Photoshop’s. If you have a lot of photos that aren’t of the resolution you need them to be, Blow Up 3 can fix that.

5 Photo Noise Reduction Plugins

The graininess that comes from image noise isn’t the most appealing detail of a photo. While it may be a desired effect in some older photos (more for nostalgia, than anything else), it’s not always welcome. Fortunately, a good noise reduction plugin can remedy that. Any one of these five noise reduction plugins can reduce noise and give your images more clarity.

1. Topaz DeNoise

Like most noise reduction plugins, Topaz DeNoise works well on low-light and high ISO digital photos. But this plugin stands out in that it doesn’t use blurring techniques to reduce noise. Those techniques can reduce the detail of your image. Topaz DeNoise uses high level technology to eliminate grainy tones with sharp colors.

2. Noise Ninja

This is another one of the free plugins to make it onto our list. Noise Ninja removes noise and distortion from both digital images and scanned images. It works best for people who film in low-light situations, or those who shoot action events. News and sports photographers can remove noise from their photos with this plugin.

3. Noiseware

Speed is one of the top selling points of this plugin. The creator’s claim that it can process 8 megapixels in under four seconds. But does such high speed come with reduced quality? Not quite. The plugin is self-learning and scans every image, determining the best way to reduce noise. Noiseware is very simple to use, and works at the click of a button.

4. Neat Image

While this plugin isn’t new to the scene, it has one feature that makes it stand out. Neat Image works on both non-digital and scanned images.

Like other noise reduction plugins, Neat Image uses mathematic formulas to properly reduce the noise in your photos. The plugin has also been optimized for speed, to give you clear images in a short amount of time. With the help of the plugin, you can go through all of your old photographs and get rid of any graininess.

5. Freeware Boundary Noise Reduction

This free plugin may only be the lite version of Boundary Noise Reduction (which is offered by Colormancer), but it’s still effective. It has a simple interface that works much better than Photoshop’s noise reduction technology.

3 Plugins for Icon Design

Adobe Photoshop is a great tool for designing icons, but not a great one for exporting those icons. Before you can save your icons as a .ico file, you need to download a plugin that allows you to do so. These three apps can help you create eye-catching icons and export them.

1. Pixel Dropr

An extension panel for Photoshop, this plugin gives you the ability to choose pixel elements to make your own collections. Once you have your collections established, you can use them in any Photoshop image. The plugin also allows you to share your collections with other people. It works on buttons, icons, and photos.

2.Photoshop Plugin for ICO format

If you want to save files from Photoshop in the.ico format, this plugin is for you. The format, which works for desktop icons and web favicons, can take files of the proper resolutions (16×16, 32×32, or 64×64) and save it as a .ico. It’s a simple plugin, and it works well.

3.Icon Plugin for Photoshop

This plugin allows you to make an icon in Photoshop and export them as .ico files. Instead of buying icon editors or using intermediate files, you can do it all through Photoshop. It works with non-standard icons and supports transparency. With this plugin, you can get creative with your icons.

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