10 Ways to Get Copyright Free Video Slideshow Music

Every great slideshow needs to be accompanied by great music.

However, finding that slideshow music can be challenging, thanks to copyright restrictions.

You can’t use just any music you find on the internet, because copyright law makes it illegal.

It’s important to find high-quality music that is legal for you to use, and there are a few resources that can give you access to that.

5 Ways To Find Copyright-Free Music Online

Copyright-free music is all around you, if you know where to look. Here are five different techniques you can use to get music that you can use.

1. Search SoundCloud’s Creative Commons

SoundCloud has a huge library of music and sound effects, but it’s not all copyright-free. Fortunately, they do have a whole category of music available under the Creative Commons, which means it’s free and legal for you to use in as slideshow music. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Creative Commons tracks available through this website.

2. Download from Music Paradise Pro

This Android or iOS smartphone app allows you to download music that you can use. The app is free, and all of the downloads through the app are free. They use music that’s available under the Copyleft license. And no…that’s not a typo. The Copyleft license means that the songs are legal and free to download. However, the selection is limited. Most of the music is indie, and you won’t find any big hits on the app. With it, you can download, listen to, and use songs immediately.

3. Check out Tunefruit

Tunefruit was designed to give designers, artists, and businesses a place to go for video music. The website boasts a huge library with every genre that you could imagine.

However, Tunefruit is not free. You can browse the site for free, search for music for free, and even listen to samples for free, but you need to pay if you want rights to use the track. The fees for the tracks vary greatly, depending on the what the track is being used for. The music may come at a cost, but the extensive library makes this a decent option for your music.

4. Browse ccMixter

For free songs that are legal to use, you can check out ccMixter. The website features remixes and song samples that are under the Creative Commons license, so you can use them without fear.

To browse through music, you first need to select your project. There are three options: Commercial use, video games, and instrumental music for films and videos. There are thousands of files to choose from for your projects. Select the one that you like, and download it.

5. Look through YouTube’s audio library

YouTube has its own library of music under the Creative Commons license. You can browse through free music and free sound effects, and you have quite a few options. Be sure to check the copyright restrictions placed by any of the owners in the library; some require attribution and some do not.

5 Youtube channels that offers great royalty-free music

You can also find some great copyright-free music on YouTube. In fact, there are channels dedicated to offering music with no royalties.

1. No Copyright Sounds

This channel has both music and sound effects available for your slideshow. Most of the music is electronic, but there are many different genres. If you’re looking for content that is upbeat and energetic, No Copyright Sounds should have what you need. The fast-paced music is perfect for fast-moving and happy slideshows.

Although the music on this channel is copyright free, you still need to credit the artist who created the track and including a link to their work.

2. Audio Library

Not to be confused with YouTube’s audio library, this channel has over 1,000 copyright-free songs available for download. All of the music comes from web searches for free music, and at least one new song is added to the site every day.

There’s a little bit of everything on Audio Library. The music on the site is sorted by three categories: artist, mood, and genre. It’s easy to find the type of slideshow music that you need, and you don’t need to waste time listening to their full library.

Be careful when you download music, though. You can only use songs marked as Creative Commons for projects outside of YouTube. If you plan to use music from another source (like the YouTube Library), you still need to contact and credit the creator.

3. Chuki Beats

This YouTube channel has a focus on hip-hop beats and instrumental music. Although all the music is royalty-free, you do need to give credit to the owner of each song that you choose to use. The music is generally a slower pace.

4. ArgoFox

This site has tons of royalty-free music, and most of it is electronic. The genre works great for video montages, vlogs, and even business presentations.

5. Myuuji

This channel is owned by a pianist who offers his music with no copyright. His songs are dark and sad, and some are downright creepy. Among his many song titles are “Twisted Happiness,” “Despair,” and “Crime Scene.” If you’re looking for dark, instrumental music, this channel is a winner. It’s perfect for horror videos or any depressing content.

What Is Copyright Infringement?

The term copyright infringement refers to using material that isn’t your own. Whether someone is a professional musician or an amateur songwriter, their work is automatically protected by copyright. You are not allowed to reproduce their work without their permission.

Therefore, using a song you find on YouTube (or any other site) puts you at risk for copyright infringement (unless you have the poster’s consent). And you may face consequences for your actions. Copyright infringement can be settled in a civil lawsuit and could result in thousands of dollars being awarded to the victim. You and you alone would be responsible for those fees, as well as any court fees.

While every musician won’t take action against copyright infringement, some will. And it’s not worth taking that risk. Fortunately, you can steer clear of any trouble by using one of these ten ways to get your slideshow music. They all offer royalty-free music that won’t get you into legal trouble.

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