How to Fix Blurry Pictures

One thing that can be extremely frustrating for photographers and anyone that actually snaps pictures is when you have a perfect setting, perfect subject, perfect place but the photo turns out blurry. This can happen due to motion or bad camera focus. Some off settings or a slight move can destroy a potential masterpiece.

Depending on the factors and how blurred the image really is, there are ways to reverse this process as long as you remember technology has certain limits. Some images are simply beyond repairing. For those that are, we have a few simple and easy solution we’ll be explaining ahead.

1. Our First Tool at Hand is InPixio Photo Focus 

It is offered by Avanquest Software, the price for the product is $59.99. It provides a one-click sharpening tool to unblur all your images.

With the help of InPixio Photo you’ll be able to quicklyInPixio Photo Focus turn any blurred photo into a sharpened high-resolution masterpiece. The clearness comes back into view as the added sharpness and soft focus helps on bringing back the true details in the center of the image while leaving the blurred elements in the background.

If the subject of the photo is not correctly centered in the frame you can simply refocus by using the software’s option to manually select which part of the image you wish to focus on and improve instantly.

Added tilt-shift, also known as soft focus helps differentiate the subject of your photo and make it look miniature-like. You’ll also be able access tools for contrast and clarity management in order to improve the details and overall quality of every snap. The software replaces the need for costly cameras and it is intuitive, not giving any headaches throughout the use and easy to maneuver for users that dislike advanced and complicated controls.

It’s compatible with the Windows operating system  and supports many file formats such as the popular JPEG and TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF and even JpegXR. The cropping tool has six predefined formats and the layout allows a preview comparison between the original photo and the enhanced result.

Filters are also available in the InPixio program to help with any of the functions previously mentioned while photo processing becomes another one-click peace of mind .

How to unblur a photo with Inpixio

After you open the photo you simply have to click on the right side panel button that says “Sharpen!”. Afterwards you have quick access underneath the panel for cropping where you can choose from the six predefined options in order to select which part of the photo you wish to keep. After selecting “done” you’re ready to go and save your newly sharpened photo.

2. Movavi Photo Editor

Likewise it is a simple software for complicated solutions to help clear the frustration and damage of taking blurred photos. The best part of Movavi’s solution is that it is completely free.

After downloading the file you simply have to open it from your computer and briefly go through all of the intuitive installation instructions.

Upon opening the software you will see a nicely clean blue layout with a workspace in the middle of the screen. You have the option to click on a button named “Browse for Images” or simply drag and drop the photo from your desktop or anywhere directly into the program’s workspace.

Movavi Photo Editor Fix Blurry

For the editing part we first have to go on the header side of the Movavi Photo Editor and click on the “Adjust” tab. Afterwards, using the slider with the name “Sharpness” on the right side you have to adjust it into you get a satisfying result. Adjusting it adds sharpness and removes the blurry effect of the photo. Above and below the slider we’ll have a few different other options used to control features such as Hue, Brightness and Contrast if you want to play a little bit with the image colors and correct other mistakes made by the camera.

As soon as you’re ready and satisfied with the result, on the bottom right corner of the program we click on “Save As” and export the picture to a location of our desire and end the process of cleaning the image.As soon as you’re ready and satisfied with the result, on the bottom right corner of the program we click on “Save As” and export the picture to a location of our desire and end the process of cleaning the image.How to avoid blurry problem on iPhone

How to Avoid Blurry Problem on iPhone

Cleaning the camera is important because the lens often captures smudges and dust. Breathe slowly on the lens and wipe it with a cloth. Further, if it doesn’t work you should tap around the lens while keeping the camera app open until the camera is back and focus. Tap continuously harder if it doesn’t work while avoiding damaging the device. The other solution is to tap the phone against your arm near the lens side. Similarly, you can tap the device with the lens easily on a cloth on the table. Whack the phone on the palm; turn it over and it also on the screen side. Check to see if it works and should start autofocusing now. If it doesn’t, keep on trying all the methods mentioned until you get the desired result.

The last solution is to go to settings, general tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. Tap on the “Reset” option and “Reset All Settings”. Introduce the passcode and don’t worry – this is not going to delete any media from within the phone.

There’s a possibility that one of the apps you have installed in the phone is corrupting or creating difficulties for the camera’s autofocus function. In this case you might want to go for a full factory reset with the downside being that you’ll be losing all the contents of your phone.

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