20 Sites to Download Free Photoshop Brushes

Adobe Photoshop brushes can enhance your photos and fix flaws with ease. But different photos require different types of brushes, and Photoshop doesn’t always have the right brush for the job. You don’t have to rely on Photoshop for the perfect brush.

These 20 websites allow you to download free brushes. With them, you can expand your photo editing with a quick download.

1. Brusheezy

With thousands of Photoshop brushes available for download, Brusheezy has a lot of options. Searching through such a large database isn’t as difficult as you might think. The website has filters that allow you to search by the most popular, highest rated, and newest brushes. You can also search by the Photoshop version. If you have a specific brush in mind, you can search by keyword.

As you might expect from the selection size, Brusheezy has some creative brush options. You can choose from snowflake brushes, bone brushes, and urban scrawl brushes. This website has some out-of-the-box offerings that can add true creativity to your images.

2. Myphotoshopbrushes

This website has a user-friendly interface. In addition to offering many different brush downloads, it also has patterns, custom shapes, and tutorials available for download.

To search for your favorite brush, you need to type in your keyword. Then, you can download the appropriate one. The site has snake skin scale brushes, hand drawn mountain brushes, and several more.

3. Wowbrushes

With over 20 pages of brushes available for download, this website has a wide selection. Searching through the options can be done by category, popularity (most downloads), or newest arrivals. You can also search by keyword.

On Wowbrushes, you ca find holiday brushes, abstract brushes, and swirls. It has all of the basics that you might need for simple images.

4. all-free-download.com

This website has over 2,000 brushes to choose from. You can search by keyword, recommended brushes, newest brushes, or most popular brushes. There’s a fractal brush set, a grungy arrow brush, a grass brush, and a swirl brush set. The website is a little heavy on advertisements, but the large selection makes up for that.

5. Brushlovers

Equipped with a favoites option, you can use this website to find your favorite brushes and save them to download at a later date. The site has thousands of brushes in stock and you can search for them by keyword or category. There are patterns, gradients, vectors, and styles to look through.

6. Brushez

Yet another website with thousands of choices, Brushez has a great selection. You can search by keyword or choose a category (like abstract, flower, fractal, and more). The selection includes some very artistic brushes.

7. Speckyboy

Finding high-quality Photoshop brushes can take time. Speckyboy saves you from wasting that time by giving you links to 40 free brushes of the highest resolution. They offer a handwriting brush, a fire brush, a smoke brush, and more. All of their brushes are high-quality, so you don’t have to sacrifice creativity for quality.

8. Brushking

This website has just under 10,000 brushes. You can search for the ideal tool by category or keyword, or look at the most popular downloads. Some of the selections include free faded splatters, paint lines, and floral circles. The website offers brushes of high quality.

9. Adobe Photoshop

Of course, Photoshop itself has some useful brushes. Photoshop makes it easy to create and manage your brush presets, so finding your preferred brush isn’t difficult. It also allows you make custom brushes, which can be very useful.

10. PSbrushes

A simple website, PSbrushes doesn’t have the flashiness of other brush download sites. But it easy to navigate and has a collection of over 200 brushes. To search for a brush, you need to select a category and browse through the choices. There’s no search bar.

11. Qbrushes

Qbrushes has some very abstract brushes that you might have a hard time finding, like phrenology and bat wings. There are over 200 pages of tools, and you can browse by category or tag. Or, search by keyword. Textured and paint brushes are the strong suit of this site, though there are brushes in other categories.

12. Chezplumeau

With over 600 brushes, Chezplumeau has some interesting options. There are puzzle brushes, Harry Potter brushes, and Dandelions. You can search through them by keyword or browse by category. It’s simple, and that simplicity gives this site an edge.

13. Fbrushes

There are over 100 pages of brushes on this website. Some of the more interesting options are owls, blood spatters, and confetti. You can browse through them by category or search by keyword.

14. 123brushes

More than 650 pages are chock-full of brushes on this website. Everything is nicely laid out in front of you. You can browse by category or search by keyword. There are brushes for tropical flowers, floral borders, and many other designs.

15. GFXfever

This site displays user ratings for their Photoshop brushes, giving you an idea of what’s worth downloading. There are hundreds of options to select from and you can search by keyword or browse by category. Snow riders, rock star, and beer are some of their more unique choices.

16. Brushesdownload

Loaded with well over 50 pages of brush selections, this site gives you many options. You can check out their most popular choices, browse by category, or search by keyword.

17. Inobscuro

This website only has 40 brush sets to choose from, but the selection is worth checking out. All of the brushes were created by the owner of the site in Adobe Photoshop. You can find ink doodles, calligraphy, and wrinkled paper brushes. Search by keyword or browse by category.

18. Obsidiandawn

Another artist-driven website, Obsidiandawn features a massive collection of brushes that were made by one artist. There are over 3000 to choose from. You can browse by category or search by keyword, and you can expect to find some bright and unique options.

19. Brush-Photoshop

There are hundreds of brushes available on this site. It’s heavy in abstract downloads, but has a little bit of everything. Slightly darker than Obsidiandawn, this site has things like pathogen brushes and shattered synapse brushes.

20. Creativebloq

Lastly and certainly not least, this site links to 60 free Photoshop brushes. You can check out some interesting offerings, like real markers, lightning strikes, and coffee stains.

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