Top 10 Funny Photo Editor Apps for iPhone 2017

Use any of the various photo editor apps to make funny photos. Below is a list of 10 funny photo editors. You can find them on apple store.

1. Ace FreakyFace

This app helps you to make freaky photos with a funny face. You can come up with your own funny face photos. You can also come up with funny photos using your fiend’s visage. It is fun to use the FreakyFace feature. This feature can detect faces on your pictures. It can overlay funny mouths and funny eyes on your friend’s face. Tap on the funny mouths and funny eyes to change the funny mouths and funny eyes. The photo editor has a lot of funny mouths and funny eyes. Upgrade at a fee to access more funny mouths and funny eyes. Download the photo editor from apple store for free.

2. Funny Camera

This photo editor for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is very funny. The photo editor has funny photo effects that can overlay real-time when you take a picture. You can add funny effects like fire, smoke, and stars to a photo. Do these as you take a photo. Using the editor, combine the edited photo with the original photo. This makes a funnier photo. The editor allows direct sharing to Facebook. Download the app to discover the other funny picture effects. Download for free from the apple store.

3. Faceover Lite

It is an extremely funny picture editor. This editor functions like the Funny Photo Maker. The similarity is due to Face Fun photo effect. Yet, Faceover Lite is far much better. This app can replace a part of a photo with a part of another photo. It is very easy to edit funny photos. You have to import a photo and select the overlay. Then import the second photo and select the area you want to overlay. Then select the area it will be overlaid and that’s it. This easy process lets you custom make the photo effects. The end results are simply funny. Download Faceover Lite for free from the apple store.

4. Doodle Booth

This photo editor will just crack your ribs. It adds funny captions and stickers to your photos. It has a variety of stickers and captions to make editing fun. Doodle Booth allows you to import photos from Camera and Facebook. The stickers will look like they are drawn by a person using a pen. You can download this app on apple store for free. But if you need to share or save in a resolution that is high, upgrade this photo editor at a cost of a dollar. The upgrade will grant you access to ads free funny photos and more stickers and sharing options.

5. ImageChef

ImageChef lets you have fun with text and photos. With this editor you can come up with billboards, wanted posters, picture frames and more. This editor has a lot of funny templates. Find more funny collages and frames from Also, make your own frames at using the Sketchpad tool. Then use those frames within the application on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. The photo editor app also lets you add text to your pictures. Share your funny photos on Twitter and Facebook. Also, send the funny photos to your friends via Email. Download ImageChef for free from the apple store.

6. ‘stachetastic

This funny photo editor allows you to know how you would look like if you had a beard or mustache. stachetastic adds a beard or mustache from a selection of hair on your face. The app lets you do this by selecting a photo from the photo library or by taking a new picture. The editor has more than forty beards, mustaches, doos, and other enhancements for the face. Make great funny photos using dad’s, mom’s, girlfriend’s or your own portrait. Use it on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. You can buy the app on apple store at $ 0.99.

7. d-bagifier

This funny photo editor lets you add accessories to your pictures. It has a variety of accessories. It has overly gelled hair, a hat, a giant bling and more. You add the accessories by selecting a photo from your gallery or by taking a new photo. The app makes it easy to position, add accessories, resize, rotate, save, and post the funny photos. Post the funny photos on Twitter, Facebook or the public D-bag gallery or Email them to your friends. Use it on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. You can buy the app on apple store at $ 1.99.

8. Graffiti Me!

Bluebear Technologies Ltd. brings this funny photo editor to you. This app changes your plain photos into amazing funny graffiti photos. Save your funny graffiti photos on your iPhone. Share them on Twitter or Facebook or Email your friends. The editor has an amazing feature called �Custom Paint’ mode. This feature lets you use your finger to spray paint your photos. It also has another great feature called �Tag My Work’. This feature allows you to tag you edited photo for everyone to see. Buy the app on apple store for $0.99.

9. Sketch Me!

This funny photo editor is also brought to you by Bluebear Technologies. It is a funny and simple photo editing app. Use this app to change your pictures into sketches. Use up to seven different photo effects to edit your photos. Use the split screen mode to sketch only half of your photo and leave the rest. The photo effects are great but they are too few for most people. Buy the app on apple store for $0.99.

10. OldBooth

This funny photo editor has up to 170 photo templates. Use the editing app to determine how you would have looked like in 1920’s. OldBooth is very easy to use. Replace your face with the funny photo templates photos to visit the past. Make your own funny photo templates using your own photos. Make funny gallery using the creations you have come up with. Share your funny photos with your friends. Do this via Facebook, Email, and Twitter. Use the app on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Buy the app on apple store for $2.49.

The above funny photo editor apps are great for creating funny pictures. You can use them to share your amazing creations with your friends on social media. You can also use some of the apps to create funny galleries on your iPhone. Use any of the apps to test your creativity.

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