How to Delete Photos from Instagram

It is one of the most popular apps of the decade, everyone knows Instagram. Even those who do not particularly use the app have heard of its prevalent name. Thus, it’s no surprise that questions regarding how to use the app are extremely common on the internet; there are guides, tutorials, testimonials, etc. all intent on helping us use Instagram in the best way. Here, in this article, we address one of the most frequently asked questions about the app: “How to delete photos from Instagram”.

Despite how easy it may sound, deleting photos on Instagram is not as simple as you may presume. In fact, Instagram has checks and balancing techniques that prevent the misuse of the app. For this reason, there may be roadblocks you encounter in trying to do what is seemingly a simple task. One of those roadblocks may occur when you’re trying to delete your pictures. But you’re in luck because this blog will show you how.

Part1. Deleting Instagram pictures on a mobile device

We’ll begin with the mobile phone, perhaps the most obvious use of Instagram. Here’s how to delete a photo from your smartphone, tablet, etc.

1. Open the app

a. You do this by finding the app icon on your home screen. Tap on it to open, and it should immediately land you on the “photo feed” homepage.

b. The method of opening the app on your phone may differ depending which phone you have and which operating software it uses. However, once the app is open, it is relatively the same regardless of what device you’re using.

2. Next, tap the profile icon on the bottom right of the screen which allows you to view your profile and past pictures.

3. Select the photo you wish to delete

a. When viewing your pictures, you can toggle between a grid format—which shows you your pictures in a smaller format—or a list-view format which is a full-screen view of each picture.

4. Once you have selected the photo, tap the options button which appears like an ellipsis”…”on the top right of each photo.

5. From the menu that comes up, select “Delete”.

6. Another options tab will appear allowing you to confirm that you want to delete the photo. Press “Delete” once more to confirm.

7. Do the same for every photo you wish to delete.

Part2. Can I delete multiple photos at once?

Another frequently asked question regarding deleting photos on Instagram is whether you can delete several photos at once, or even delete all of them at the same time. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to delete in bulk. Instagram probably prevents mass-deletion to avert people from misusing the app and deleting impulsively. Instead, Instagram forces you to delete photos one by one.

However, there is a faster way. The best method of deleting multiple photos is to select the list view on your profile to view your photos vertically. From there, as soon as you delete one photo, another will take its place allowing you to delete the photos in quick succession. Simply click on the ellipsis, delete and confirm. Then do the same as each photo pops up. Though it may be tedious, it is the fastest and most efficient way to delete multiple photos on Instagram.

Part3. How to delete Tagged Photos

Deleting a photo that you are tagged in, is a similar but separate process.

1. Repeat all the steps in the first section to open your profile.

2. Once there, you must click on the third icon on the view toggle. This will open a separate page displaying all the photos you have been tagged in. It will be titled “Photos of you”

3. Bear in mind that it is not possible to delete a tagged photo on Instagram. This is because the original photo does not belong to you, i.e. you did not post it. However, there are several options you can choose from to remove the photo from your profile.

4. After selecting the tagged photo that you want to remove, tap the options ellipsis ‘…’ on the top right of the photo.

5. Various options should pop up. Select “Photo Options”.

6. A new menu will come up. From here, you can choose to hide the picture from your profile. This will not remove the photo from Instagram—it will still exist on the profile of the person who tagged you—but it will no longer appear on your profile

7. You can also choose ‘More Options’ from the menu. And from there, you can either remove your tag from the post or report the image to Instagram.

a. Removing the tag will simply remove your affiliation to the photo.

b. Reporting the photo will prompt you to select a reason to report it. If the photo is libelous or obscene, Instagram will remove it on your behalf.

Part4. How do I recover photos I’ve deleted?

Though unlikely, there may be a way to recover photos you have deleted.

1. Android devices, and maybe even some iOS devices duplicate each photo you post on Instagram and places them in a separate folder. If you browse through your photo albums you may be able to find the photos you’re looking for.

2. Instagram Data recovery software

a. There are various apps that you can use to recover software on any device. For Android users, EaseUSMobiSaver is a reputable app that may be able to recover your photos from Instagram.

3. Unfortunately, trying to recover Instagram photos via the app is impossible because there is no “recycle bin”or archive for deleted content.

Part5. What if I’m using Instagram on a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox

Though it is possible to access your Instagram profile from the web, Instagram does not allow for upload or deleting of photos. You can, however like photos, browse other people’s profiles, etc. on a web browser. There are rumors that this may change soon, but for now, Instagram is solely a mobile application.

We hope this blog has given you a detailed and comprehensive approach to deleting photos on Instagram. It should be gratifying to know that you can now face social media with confidence.

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