How to Remove Red Eyes from Photos

One of the most common problems we all encounter when capturing precious moments in our life, especially by amateur photographers, is the red eye effect on photos. It occurs when a camera captures light reflecting from the retina of your subject’s eye, when you turn on the flash at night or when taking photos in dim lighting.

Although this red eye effects on photos are normal, technology has a way of removing it to help you achieve a perfect picture. In this guide, we introduce 3 easiest way to help remove red eys from photos.

1. Online Red-Eye Remover-Fotor

This is the best and free online red-eye remover to fix that common photographic error forever. With its powerful red-eye removal tool, you can fix photos with just a few clicks. And the red-eye correction is just as easy as 123!

Please follow the steps below:

1. Open the photo with the red-eye effect which you wish to correct.

2. Use the Red Eye Remover tool and click to fix red-eye effect on the photo.

fotor red eye remover

3. Save the photo in your preferred format and quality.

Fotor is not just limited to its red-eye removal tool, it provides vast options for photo editing, photo effects, stickers, and texts. These features allow its users to retouch photos, make photo collage, and even graphic designing. With Fotor, your own photo studio is just clicks away.

2. Red-Eye Remover in Android

With the red-eye effect on your selfies, the whole experience taking photos with your Android phones is not at all fun. But not with NiceEyes: Eye Color Changer by Vysion Apps.


Replace that red-eye effect on your photos with different eye colors and eye effects. Blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes or even cat eyes, there are a wide array of options to choose from! Here’s more. The NiceEyes: Eye Color Changer app is for free!

With over 9 million downloads in Google Play, it sure is the coolest and best photo editor designed for red-eye removal.

Changing eye colors is easy! Here’s how:

1. Launch the NiceEyes: Eye Color Changer app on your Android device.

2. Once opened, click the Photo icon on the menu. This will take you to your gallery, where you can choose the photo you wish to fix.

3. The photo you selected will open on the app. Look for the eye circles and align them to the eyes on the photo with red-eye effects.

4. Once properly positioned, click Next. It will enlarge the photo, and will zoom in to where the red-eye effects are. Reposition the eye circles in order not to overlap with the other portions of the eyes. Then, click the check icon.

5. The edited photo will feature the eye shape adjustment tool. You can adjust left, right, top, and bottom to achieve the perfect eye shape for you. Then, click the check icon.

6. The procedure brings you to the menu, where an assortment of photo effects, adjustment, and corrections are. Choose Eye Color to change the eye color.

7. This will lead you to its eye designs gallery, where you can browse through a vast category of designs for your eyes – from bright, to cats, to special, to soft, and many more!

8. Choose your desired eye design or color. And voila, a new pair of perfect eyes for you!

9. For amateur users, the process will be a bit tricky. But, you can just adjust the size and blending or better yet, start all over again until you master the whole process.

10. Click Save to save the edited photo or the Share button to share it directly to your social media accounts.

And here are some of the best features we love about this app:

  •  Many realistic and natural eye colors to choose from.
  •  Eye color changer that makes your eyes look real.
  • Change the size of your eyes to make them bigger and more beautiful.
  •  Animal Eye, Cat eyes, Flag eyes and other special eye effects.
  •  Sharingan and Naruto Eye Effects.
  •  Red-Eye Removal.
  •  Try on new colored eye contacts and colored eye lenses.
  •  Easy to use photo editor.
  •  Save photos to gallery.
  •  Share your photos via Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites.

Upon installation, the app will ask permission to access you SD card for loading and saving photos. Achieve those eyes that you love to have and see if they look good on you with NiceEyes: Eye Color Changer app. This is the best eye color changing at the tip of your fingers using your Android phones!

3. Red-Eye Remover in iPhone

Even the high technology in iPhones could not escape from these red-eye effects. But what makes the photo capturing experience using your iPhones better is that its own Photo app has this photo editing tools to correct phone photography mistakes we all hate. Special mention to the red-eye effects on photos! What’s even better, the red-eye correction tool on the app is only functional when photos have red-eye effects on them. The iOS for iPhone allows the devise to auto-detect red-eye issues and offers the tool when there’s something it thinks need to be corrected.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Launch the Photo app from your iPhone device.

2. Select the photo you wish to fix, the one with red-eye effects.

3. Click the Eye icon or the red-eye tool.

4. Zoom in the photo to get a clearer look at the red eyes. Tap on each red eye to correct.

5. Tap the Done button to save the action. You got that great photo less the red-eye effects on them!Although an iPhone device does a great job of eliminating red-eye low low light, this Photo app feature has got you covered in case your device fails to perform well.

We bring you these easy-peasy steps to bring taking great memories to a higher level of fun, whatever type of devices you use and have. So, are you ready to take the best selfies? Smile!

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