How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

Pictures are the best way to remember a special moment in your life, a beautiful scene from a vacation, or even moments from your day to day life.

However, it is not to easy to achieve the perfect photo composition; street signs, pedestrians, and other unsightly objects constantly end up in the background of our photos, distracting us and the people we share our pictures with from the main focus of a photo.

We will never be able to control the environment around us when we take a photo. But, with the right tools, it can be extremely simple to remove unwanted items from photos after you have taken them.

In this guide, we are going to introduce two of the simplest way to remove unwanted objects from photos.

Method 1- Using Inpaint Photo Software

While standard Photoshop and similar software is an effective way to accomplish this, the program is very costly, and requires extensive time to learn how to use the tool properly. A great alternative is Inpaint photo software, the easiest way to remove unwanted items from photos.

With Inpaint, you will not have to worry or waste time trying to perfect every detail while you are taking a photograph. To perfect your photo background using Inpaint, follow these simple steps:

Step1. open the program on your computer, and choose the photo from your files from which you would like to remove an unwanted item.

Step2. With your cursor, trace over the object that you would like removed from your photo. Your cursor movements will be tracked as a paint-like line, so you can clearly see that you are selecting the correct area of your photo. The size of the “marker” used to trace the object can be adjusted from large to small, so you can have the best size to most easily trace an item of a range of different sizes.

Step3. After you have selected the item or area to be removed, click on the blue arrow-shaped button in the tool bar.

Step4. The blue button activates “inpainting” – the software’s signature function that pulls colors and textures from the background image to seamlessly cover where you chose to remove the unwanted item.

Step5. You can continue this process, tracing and replacing both big items and small blemishes in the background of your pictures, until you achieve the perfect photograph that you desire

Step6. You also have control over exactly what parts of the photo are used to fill in the space left open by the item you chose to remove. This feature, referred to as the “donor tool,” is as simple as the rest of the software so far. Using the eraser, you can trace the exact area to use to fill in the background, making it nearly impossible to tell any photo editing has occurred.

In addition to the functions listed, in paint can also be used to enhance the lighting and colors in photos, and can make old photographs clearer and appear good as new.

Method 2- Best Online Option Webinpaint

Inpaint is already extremely easy to use and very intuitive. Anyone from tech wizzes to computer novices will appreciate the ease with which you can correct your photos. However, to make things even simpler, try Webinpaint. Webinpaint is the online version of Inpaint used to remove unwanted items from your photos, including powerlines, date stamps, and even other tourists in the background. Unlike Inpaint software that you need to download, Webinpaint is accessed from an online browser, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. This option makes the Inpaint software even more appealing- you can choose which format of the tool you prefer, and even switch between them based on your needs and resources on a given day.

Webinpaint operates very similarly to Inpaint:

Step1. Go to to access the website. Please note that you will have to create an account to use the tool, but sign up is free.

Step2. Once you have created an account and can use the tool, load the photo you would like to correct.

Step3. Trace over the area covering the item that you need to remove from the photo. Remember, this can include large items such as light poles, pedestrians, and watermarks to smaller things such as dates in the corner of the photo or a blemish on the subject’s face.

remove object from photo

Step4. Press the blue “Inpaint” arrow button, and watch the unwanted item magically disappear from your photo

Step5. You can continue this process, with items big and small, until your photo is perfect

If you are short on time, do not worry. Both Inpaint and Webinpaint will take you just a few minutes, or less, to remove the unwanted items from your photos. Plus, you will save ample time while snapping your shots, since little flaws can be correct after-the-fact. To see for yourself, you can upload a photo and try out the program on

Both Inpaint software and the Webinpaint online tool are inexpensive and incredibly easy ways to remove unwanted items from your photos. Additionally, Inpaint and Webinpaint are both compatible with Mac and Windows. In fact, the programs run identically on the two platforms, so you can expect consistent performance from Inpaint regardless of what platform you are using. Both of the websites also include tutorials on how to remove and improve a variety of items (even including shows) and areas of your photos, so you can become an expert in no time.

Everyone wants perfect pictures to capture great memories from their lives- but if you do not want to spend large amounts of money and time to learn how to use Photoshop or another complicated program, try Inpaint and Webinpaint. These simple, effective tools will not leave you disappointed. A free trial version of the software is available to everyone- try it out and see for yourself how easy it can be to achieve perfect photos every time.

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