How to Save Photos from Instagram

Instagram is loaded with amazing photos, funny memes, and creative content. But there is no obvious way to save Instagram images to your phone, and that can make reviewing your Instagram favorites difficult. If you are tired of seeing a great image on Instagram and watching it disappear into the world wide web, do not despair. There is a way to save your favorites images- you just need to know how. In this tutorial, learn how to save photos from Instagram.

Part1. How To Save Images On a Computer

You can use HTML code to save Instagram images to your computer. And while that might sound difficult for anyone who is computer illiterate, it is actually very simple.

1.Start by logging into your Instagram account from your computer.

2.Select the photo that you want to save and right click on it. Select the “View Page Source”option, and you will see a page with HTML code on it.

3.Then, you need to find the right section of code. Choose “Control and F” to find what you are looking for. Type in “jpg” and hit enter.

4. The first highlighted section is the code that you need.

5. Copy the section, paste it into a new web window, and you will be able to see the picture.

6. From there, you can right-click on it and choose “Save As” to save it as whatever page you would like.

Part2. How To Save Images To A Mobile Phone

As nice as it may be to have Instagram pictures saved to your phone, it is sometimes easier to save them directly to your phone. Whether you have an iOS or Android phone, it is possible to save them to your mobile device.

1.Start by downloading the InstaSave app. The app allows you to save images from Instagram to your phone.

2.Once you have set up your app, you can open your Instagram app.

3.When you select an image or video, you will see an option to “Copy Share URL” . Select that option, and a note should pop up telling you that the phone has copied the link to your clipboard.

4. Next, open the InstaSave app. You should see a box with the word “URL” next to it. Click the “Paste” button, located underneath the box.

5. You should see the URL from your Instagram photo appear in it, as long as you haven’t copied anything else. Choose “Check URL” (it’s to the left of the “Paste” button), and you will see the Instagram post appear underneath the box.

6. Select download image, located underneath the image and on the left. The app will then flash a message that tells you the name of the file where the image was saved. After that, the image will be in your gallery

Get InstaSave on App Store, Or Google play store here.

Part3. How To Save Photos to a Computer in Bulk

It is awesome that you can save one photo at a time to your phone or computer, but that is not always enough. If one user has hundreds of photos that you have to save, doing it one by one is time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a way to speed things up a bit. 4K Stogram is an app that allows you to download all of the photos and Instagram from a private account. You can download it for free online, and the program does all the work for you.

First, you need to install the 4K Stogram program. After it is installed, open the program. Click on the “Preferences” button, located on the top right-hand corner of the program. A prompt will pop up and ask you for your Instagram user name and password. Keep in mind that the program does not store your password; it merely uses it to access Instagram.

Once you have entered your information, you can enter the user name of the account with the photos you want to download. The program will pull up images from the account and will show the user name of the account above the photos. It automatically saves the photos from the account to your computer.

To find where the photos are located, scroll over the name and select the “Show Images in Folder” option. That will take you to all of the folders on your computer with images from the user. You can move around the folders, delete any images that you do n’t want, or keep them all where they are. 4K Stogram saves them all to your computer, so you do not have to be on Instagram to view the images.

Part4. Saving Photos From Instagram

You can forget the frustration of double-tapping photos and never seeing them again. With any of the above methods, you can keep your favorite photos at your fingertips. Saving photos to your computer or phone is simple and takes almost no time. Now that you know how to save photos from Instagram, you can start saving images that you love.

Why can not you save photos directly?

So, why does not Instagram allow you to save images easily? Do they want to torture you? No. In fact, Instagram does it to save you (or mostly, to save themselves) from copyright infringement. Any picture or video that you find on Instagram is owned by the first person who posted it. While you might be tempted to take their image and share it on your blog, you can not. At least, not without giving the person who owns it the proper credit (and getting permission to do so). There’s a lot of red tape involving copyright infringement, and Instagram was trying to prevent you from getting caught in it.

Copyright law is automatic. You do not need to file a document that says a photo is yours and yours alone. Any photo, writing, or video is protected under copyright law, even if it is posted on Instagram. And the penalty for breaking that infringement is steep. You can face fines of thousands of dollars, in addition to lawyer and court fees. And people do report copyright infringement; Instagram even has an easy online form to do so.

All that said, there are other reasons you might want to save an Instagram photo. Whatever your reasons may be, here is how you can do it.

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