How to Use Pixlr Photo Editor

Photo editing software isn’t the only way to edit your photos. Some editing programs are expensive, require monthly subscriptions, and take up a big chunk of your computer’s memory.

For those who are looking for a cheaper and simpler solution to meet their photo editing needs, a web photo editor is a great option. Pixlr is one of the best web-based photo editors. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. Once you’re on the website, Pixlr provides the tools you need to edit your photos to perfection. Before you get started, here is how to use the Pixlr photo editor.

Basic Editing with Pixlr

When you first go to Pixlr, there are three options for editing. You can choose the Pixlr Express or Pixlr Editor mode. For this tutorial, choose the Editor mode. It’s the only one of the options that gives you access to all of Pixlr’s tools.

Once you select the advanced mode, you have a few options. You can make a new image, open an existing image, open an image with an URL, or open an image from the Pixlr cloud. For the last option, you need a Pixlr account.

Select the image that you want to edit, and you can start editing. Here are a few edits that you might need:

Cropping an Image

One of the simplest edits is cropping. To crop your image, select the crop tool. Place the mouse over the area of the image that you want to keep. A blue box will appear. You can make the box larger or smaller by dragging it to the dimensions that you need. Keep in mind that everything outside of the box will be cropped out. When your box is set, click anywhere outside of the image. A dialogue box will ask you to confirm your crop selection, and you should click yes. Then, your image will be cropped.

 pixlr crop

Resizing an Image

Another common editing need is an image resize. Once you’ve opened your image, go to the upper panel, click the Image button, and choose image size. You will see a window that asks for the desired width and height of your image. If you want the image to be in proportion, make sure the box in the corner is checked. When you input a height or width, the program will automatically input the other dimension. If you uncheck the box, you need to input the other dimension, and it may distort your image.

There is a more hands-on way to resize the photo. From the main screen, click “Edit.” You can find it on the upper left-hand corner of the website. Select Free Transform, or click the shortcut CTRL and T on your keyboard.

Blue boxes will appear around your image. If you click on the boxes, you can make the image smaller or larger. If you made the image smaller, you might notice a white area around your image. You can remove the white background by cropping it out.

Blurring a Face

You never know when blurring might be useful. Once you’ve selected your image in Pixlr, choose the Lasso or Marquee tool and select the area of the image that you want to blur. Find the Filter Menu and select Box Blur. You can choose the amount that you would like to blur your image. When you’re done, go to the Edit menu and click Deselct All. Or, you can use the CTRL and D keyboard shortcut.

blur face in pixlr

Removing Red Eyes

Nothing ruins a great picture like red eyes. Pixlr makes it easy to remove them. If you don’t have any other editing to do, you can easily edit out red eyes in Pixlr Express. After you open the image you want to edit, click Adjustment. You can find it on the bottom menu. Choose the Red Eye Tool and set the tolerance level to 20. Use your mouse to click on the red portion of each eye. On the bottom menu, select Apply. Then, save you work on the top menu.

Pixlr Remove Red Eyes

Advanced Edits: Replacing The Color of an Object

Slightly more difficult than things like cropping and resizing images is color replacement. Color replacement is a useful tool that lets you change the color of one object without needing surgeon-like hands to color within the lines. The tool samples the pixels under the area of the color you want to change, and it replaces those pixels with the new color that you select.

First, open your image in Pixlr Advanced. On the Tools menu (it’s on the left side of the webpage), select Color Replace Tool. Choose your color by clicking Set Main Color, which is located under the Color Replace Tool Menu. You can adjust the tolerance and select an appropriate brush size. Then, you can click on the area to replace the color.

What Makes Pixlr a Good Option for Photo Editing?

Although Pixlr might not offer the same features that some of the professional editing software offers, it has a few features that make it an effective option.

For one, it fits any budget. Pixlr is free to use and won’t hurt your wallet. You don’t have to worry about monthly fees or renewing subscriptions.

Secondly, Pixlr is extremely user-friendly, The interface is fun to use and easy to understand. While you need long tutorials to comprehend many other photo editing programs, Pixlr’s features can be figured out by experimenting. After working with a few images, you should have the basics of Pixlr photo editing. Anything that you don’t know is easy enough to research.

Finally, Pixlr has some awesome features. Because it is web-based, you can save an image in Pixlr on one computer and access it by logging in on another computer. It also includes some advanced editing features, like the ability to layer your canvas and the ability to super-impose images.

While Pixlr might not be the most advanced editing program you’ve ever used, it makes for a great budget option. Learn how to use some of the other features and find out if Pixlr is right for you.

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