Best Sources to Get Tons of Instagram Caption Ideas

All of us think that Instagram is just about compelling visuals, but the Instagram captions play a big role too. The effective, appropriate captions are like an engagement needle. And engagement, my friends, is the key. This is needed because, with the new Instagram’s algorithm, posts now appear in feeds based on the chance that you are interested in the content. You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70% of their feeds. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. In other words, you often miss posts you like and care about the most.

So a photo or a video with lots of comments and Likes has a better chance of appearing at, or near the top of your followers’ home stream. Instagram caption ideas it’s what you need. You need to find something that represents you, your personality and that you can be helped with.

1. The Quote Garden

It is a collection of inspirational, funny, motivational quotes and sayings. It is free and daily visited by writers, speakers, students, even Instagram users in pursuit of that unique caption idea. What is to like about this site, is that you can find the best and appropriate quote in a short amount of time. Whether you are the sentimentalist type or the philosophical type, you can find those Instagram caption ideas that best suit you.

Several helping tools sit at your disposal. A cute one is the “QuoteHug”. ‘Hug the bear’ and you get quote-hugged with some quotes. You can even send them to your friends or, why not, use one for your caption. Quotations for holidays, special occasions, and nice sentiments are available. The topics are well ordered, you can’t miss anything. It has a searching engine, you can browse by topic, hot topics, anything you need for a nice Instagram caption. I mean, is nearly impossible not to find something that represents you in over 500 subjects. You just have to click on a subject where related quotes show up too and find that one quote that best describes your Instagram photo.

2. Brainy Quote

Full of quotes, words of wisdom spoken by great people, a very spring of ideas. You can sign up if you want to create collections or add quotes to your favorite ones. On the home page, you find at the top a quote, maybe it’s the lucky one. If not, there are popular topics to check out. For example: Friendship, Love, Family, Funny, and many others.

The popular authors sit right next to the popular topics if you wish to find Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare or Buddha’s quotes. By swiping down you are going to find “Authors to Explore”. Maybe Bill Gates, Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali will help. Passing on, if you wish to check a whole lot more authors or topics, check the horizontally placed column in the top. From out the hundreds of authors alphabetically organized and the many, many topics, you can come up with the best, suitable caption for your Instagram photo. A nice, interesting thing is the ‘Quote Of The Day’. Every day, really inspiring and helpful quotes pop up for you. It can be about love, the human mind, about nature, you name it. At last, we have the picture section where the images blend in with the quotes making them so captivating. Maybe one day, one of those will be your next Instagram photo.

These two sites could very much be the source of your Instagram caption ideas and your inspiration. You just have to look for something that you like, that best fulfills your needs and that one quote that will ensure your likes and comments making your picture more captivating. You can say that they are the engagement needle you wished, for your Instagram account.

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