Best Logo Generator Online Review 2017

When creating a business logo, it is very important to take your time and be extra careful in order to ensure you come up with a high quality business logo.

You do not have to pay for expensive professional logo services. You can do it yourself.

Below are the best logo generator online tools you can use to create a powerful business logo.

1. Logaster

Logaster is among the best logo generators online. With Logaster you can create professional logos in just a few minutes. This logo generator features hundreds of icons which are customizable in terms of color, business type, slogan and name.

The best thing about Logaster is the fact that it does most of the work for you. Unlike other logo generators, you do not have to go through all the icons in search for one that suits your business.

With Logaster, all you have to do is select your business type and the logo creation wizard will generate different designs that can suit your business.

From here, you can download the ready-to-use logo or edit the design and text to personalize it further.

All the logos are available in vector (PDF, SVG) and raster (JPEG, PNG).

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2. Online Logo Maker

The best thing about Online Logo Maker is the fact that you will not be forced to open an account to make a logo on the website. Apart from this, this website has amazing features that will enable you to come up with a quality professional logo for your business.

The website provides a number of images in different categories that you can use. You also have the choice to upload a custom image. The logos can be customized in terms of proportion, size, color, alignment and brand name.

Once you have completed the editing, you can save your logo and use it wherever you want.

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3. Free Logo Maker

Free Logo Maker is a very popular logo generator. The best thing about this website is the fact that it has a very easy to use interface. This makes it perfect for beginners who have little or no experience designing professional logos.

Therefore, if you have no experience in designing business logos, this is a website you should definitely try. This website features numerous logo designs that you can use. All you need to do is select a logo design, enter your business name and customize the logo as you desire. When you are done, you can download the logo to your PC for free.

However, if you need a vector logo with high resolution, you will have to pay $9.99 for every logo.

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4. Logo Genie

Logo Genie is one of the easiest sites you can use to create professional logos. The site has a very user-friendly interface that is also very easy to use.

The first thing you need to do is choose a business category and enter your brand name. Once this is done, the website will generate a number of ready-to-use logos.

You can download any of them or customize them further to get exactly what you need.

You can change the color, gradient, glow and orientation until you are satisfied.

When you are done editing, save the changes and download your logo.

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5. GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings Logo Creator is probably the best logo generator online. This logo creator has an outstanding number of customizations you can use to perfect your business logo.

The best thing about this logo creator is the fact that all logo designs are grouped into different business categories. This makes it very easy for you to locate designs that match your business.

Once you have identified a suitable logo, you can customize it to match your business brand. All this is just a tip of the iceberg.

On GraphicSprings Logo Creator, if you are not satisfied with the quality of logo you get using the online tool, you can hire someone from their team to have a custom logo made just for you.

To download the logo, you will need to pay $39.99.

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6. Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker is another great FREE logo generator online software tools.

Simply enter your business name and click generate. This provides you with a list of different free and customizable logo designs.

Select the logo that appeals the most to you and download or edit it to match your brand.

This site allows you to change size, shape, font and color. You can also play with the positioning and add clip-arts to your logo if you wish.

When you are done editing, you can download the complete logo to your PC.

You do not have to pay a hefty price for professional logo services. You can use any of these free online logo generators to come up with high quality professional logos for your brand in a matter of minutes. The best thing about most of these logo generators is the fact that they are absolutely free and very easy to use. Choose one of them and begin establishing a strong business brand using a high quality professional logo.

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