Easy and Free Youtube Logo Makers (No Photoshop)

More and more people are starting YouTube channels. Everyone on YouTube wants to stand out and gain as many subscribers as possible. In order to do so, you need to be very creative with your content. Apart from this, you also need to use high quality graphic designs and logos that will get the attention of your audience and persuade them to subscribe to your channel. This is one of the main ways you can stand out from the competition.

However, making high quality YouTube logos and graphic designs is a challenge because most professional services are very expensive. Luckily you can use these two easy and free YouTube logo makers to make stunning logos for your channel.

1. Make a Professional Logo with Pixlr Online

What is Pixlr?

Pixlr is an online photo editing service which comes in several sizes. When using Pixlr, you have the option of using the basic photo editor or the retro vintage effects provided. When making your YouTube logos, you can upload the pictures from your PC, from an online library or URL. Pixlr has most of the basic photo editing features such as lasso, dropper, magnifying glass, paintbrush and pencil. This YouTube logo maker also provides you with the opportunity to work with layers if you wish to do so. The retro image editor is more advantageous because it features three settings. All the three settings have a scroll down list of effects to choose from which you can use to customize your pictures further.

How to create a YouTube logo using Pixlr

Step 1: Go to pixlr.com. When you get to the website you will see two Pixlr options; Express and Editor. Click on Pixlr Editor. If you are planning on using Pixlr as your main YouTube logo maker, it is advisable to create an account so that you can be able to save all your work.

Step 2: Select a suitable background image from Google images and download it to your computer.

Step 3: Next, go to ‘open image from computer’ on Pixlr to upload the background image.

Step 4: Untick the fill option at the top and select a shape on the left-hand side. Once this is done set your border to how thick you would like the shape to be and adjust its position to how you’d like it to appear.

Step 5: Next, click on the border of your shape and then click on the paint bucket tool on the left-hand side. This will open a color wheel with different color options to choose from. Choose the color you’d like the border of your shape to have.

Step 6: Select the outer layer of the shape and click on the star icon on the right-hand side. This is will open the layer style options. Next, click on drop shadow to add a shadow on the outer layer of the shape. Set the distance and opacity however you want it to make your logo appear more unique. You can also tweak the other layer style options to improve the appearance of your logo.

Step 7: Once you are pleased with how the shape looks, it is time to add your text. Click on the A icon on the left-hand side. This will open the text box. Type in whatever you’d like the logo to say and change the font style, size and color. When you are pleased with the results, click ok to make the changes effective.

Step 8: Next, click on the text and repeat step 6 on the text to make the outer shape to match your text. When you are satisfied, click okay and save your logo.

2. Make a YouTube Logo- Using Paint.Net

What is Paint.Net?

Paint. Net is one of the most simple photo editors. However, this photo editing service is very effective for making standout YouTube logos. This photo editing service provides you with all the features you need to create a YouTube logo. Some of the features you can expect to see on Paint.Net include: raft filters, undo history, editing tools like layers, community created plugins, and 3D rotate and zoom among others. It might not have some of the advanced features in applications like Photoshop but it does a decent job in creating high quality images. Other than this, it is very affordable and it is a perfect choice if you happen to have a machine that lacks in RAM.

How to create a YouTube Logo Using Paint.Net

Step 1: Open your Paint.Net photo editing software.

Step 2: Next, click on file at the top right corner. Set the pixel size width and length to 2000.

Step 3: Sketch a logo that you would like to do on a notepad and take a picture of it using your phone. Next, transfer the image to your computer so that you can use it on Paint.Net.

Step 4: Next, import the picture of the logo to Paint.Net. Expand it to the size you’d like it to be and place it at the center of your working area. Next, double click on the layers box and reduce the opacity of the image to about 50% to make it more transparent.

Step 5: On the layer box, click on add new layer to add a third layer. Once this is done, use different shapes and lines to replicate the shape on your picture.

Step 6: When you are done creating the image with the shapes and lines, merge all the layers and use the fill tool to fill in all the shapes you have created.

Step 7: Reduce the opacity of the image so that you can edit and ensure it clearly matches the images you uploaded. When you are satisfied with the results, delete the background image you uploaded to remain with your logo only.

Step 8: Go to effects at the top and click on photo then glow. Increase your radius to 20, contrast to the lowest and brightness to -100. This will enable you to add a shadow effect on your logo.

Step 9: Edit your background using the different colors to make it more creative and add any other effects you want.

Step 10. Save your logo and use it on YouTube whenever you are ready.

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