15 Most Renowned Landscape Photographers in the World

Nature is an incredible sight to behold. Some landscapes found in waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and vegetation are so breathtaking and leave us in awe. There are unique, far above our imagination landscapes to view in the globe. However, certain limitations may hinder us from exploring all these fantastic sites. This is why landscape photographers have taken it upon themselves to travel and shoot some of the world’s most exquisite sceneries so that we can experience them in pictures. Talking of landscape photographers, here are some of the top ones that have won out hearts.

1.  Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams, a well renowned American photographer, celebrated for using photography as a means of preserving America’s natural treasures. Other than being a photographer, he was an environmentalist, a fact that is visibly underlined in his photos.

Ansel Adams photography

Adams is also known for developing a technique called Zone System, which made his images detailed, contrasted and deep. The Zone System enhanced exposure and enabled adjustment of contrast in the printed forms of his photos. Together with seven of his counterparts, such as Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham, they endorsed the idea of precision in exposure.

The industry of photography lost a talented and passionate photographer in 1984, at the age of 82.

2. Ted Gore

Ted Gore, based in California, has been quoted to be “the true testament of nature.” His angle of capturing photos is very exceptional, thus producing unique, bold and extraordinary landscape photography. Other than having a strong portfolio, Gore lets people into his photography world by holding workshops and training videos programs.

Ted Gore photography pic

Gore is known to be a big fan of npost-production technology, a feat that certainly helps bring his images to life

3.  Andreas Gursky

Gursky is a German world record holder for the most expensive photograph, called Rhein taken back in the year 1999. The picture was sold at $4.3 million in 2011. Gursky’s photography is characterized by a marvelous size, bold color and a nearly abstract composition making the images just perfect for the eye. His skill of taking photos from an elevated position combined with digital manipulation of images makes him a grand master of pointillism and impressionism. He manipulates his photography such that the landscapes appear intact and not manipulated by man.

4.   Alain Briot

The French man, Alain Briot based in the USA, is widely known for snapping landscape photos of the American South-West. His ability to impeccably capture the arid landscape and subtle hues make him stand out as a photographer. He has mastered the skill of post-processing, ensuring that his photos maintain the aspect of reality and his signature style.

5. Daniel Kordan

Kordan believes in expressing oneself through photography. His niche in the art of landscape photography has also been influenced by the fact that he grew up in the lakesides of Russia. He is defined as “a travel motive” landscape photographer because of his constant recommendation to everyone to explore the world and appreciate the splendor of nature. That aside, he also runs workshops on photography.

6. Max Rive

Max Rive, is a Dutch landscape photographer who has had nothing short of an intriguing journey in landscape photography. His passion began at the age of 5, sparked by his frequent visits to Switzerland Mountains. He dropped out of university to pursue landscape photography.  Moreover, on one incidence, he almost died in a plane crash after jumping aboard while exploring the Himalaya of Nepal in 2015. That’s passion at another level!

7. Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes, a French photographer, evokes emotions in his work. His peculiar use of incredible light, colorful colors and composition make his photography sensual. Alexandre is an inspiration to lovers of atmospheric tone in images such as Autumnal colors in Forests of places in France.

8. Sebastiao Salgado


Salgado, a Brazillian, stands out for the fact that his photography focuses on the most remote areas of the world, untouched by man. His work has rich detail luring in black and white contrasts, with impeccable shadows. His motive being saving our planet’s dying wildlife, he created a series, Genesis, that applauds those communities living in harmony with nature. His inspiration is Ansel Adams.

9. Michael Shainblum

Michael Shainblum is a big shot in the photography and filmmaking industry. He is passionate about aerial photography, landscape photography, aerial filmmaking, and many others and has worked with big shots like Google, Samsung, Nike, and Disney. He off-set his career at the age of 16.

Among his magnificent projects is Shainblum’s Cityscape Dubai where he brings out the horizon in a very aesthetic way.

10. Atif Saeed

Atif Saeed, hailing from Pakistan, is a stunning landscape photographer, with various color highlights. He starts by identifying an incredible landscape then lingers until he can snap the perfect natural image. No wonder his photography is very natural and captivating.

11. Mario Giacomelli

Mario Giacomelli, an Italian photographer, well known for using the medium to create abstract work. His work on the Community of Scanno is very famous for using the black and white contrast. Giacomelli is also identified by his pencil like drawings and his photography inspired by Neo-Realist films of Rossellini and De Sica. Moreover, some of his collection is found in museums such as MET and MoMa in New York.

12. Galen Rowell

Galen Rowell, a historical American professional photographer, is well known for his cover feature in National Geographic. He was a photographer, climber, adventurer, writer of humanitarian and environmental matters, and manuscripts.

Rowell snaps photos with light such as rainbows, thunderstorms among others. However, he died in a plane crash in California, on August 11, 2002. But, we still love his work!

13. Alex Noriega

This American photographer is known for taking snaps of Rocky Mountains. His art is simplified into essential elements, uncluttered and a perfect composition. His awe-inspiring images are credited to the fact that he spends more time in the field.

14. Darren White

Darren White’s photography is suitable for decorating rooms. The unique aesthetics in his work has made his work published in websites and magazines like Columbia Gorge Magazine,

Popular Photography Magazine among many others

15. Edward Weston

Not only does Weston produce landscape photography, but he is also known for his still lives of vegetables. His images have life in them, and the shape they take is highly fascinating. Influenced by Tina Modotti, his photography is known for having long exposures, cautiously printed in platinum. However, he died in 1958 with Parkinson’s. Still, he is among the best photographers ever!

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