20+ Killer Portrait Posing Tips (That Works for Normal People)

Portrait photography is a major cash producer if you get it right, plus it’s always super fun. However, it takes something other than a pleasant camera to get your clients looking great! You need some tricks off your sleeves and one the things you will need to master is the portrait posing.

Well, we have a few tips for you in this guide. So, just read through and take some notes!

7 Posing Rules for Portrait Photography

1.  Avoid Straight Hands Down

This is the oldest tip in photography, yet it guarantees superb photos.  With the hands straight down, the photos will appear “blockish” because of the wide diagonal lines created. When the palm and the back of the hands are visible, the face ceases to be the most imperative piece of the photo. Click away from the perfect shot by lifting the arm, putting it on the hip, or pocketing.

2. Jaw Down

It doesn’t make sense why individuals lean in reverse in a photograph. By bending backwards, the photographer can see into the mouth, nose, and the eyes seem partly shut which is unflattering. Therefore, advising our customer to lower their jawline not only maintains a strategic distance from the nose and mouth but also opens up their eyes bringing out a self-confident individual.

3. Shift Weight on Back Foot

A photographer must inspire clients to put their weight on their back foot. This enables the client to lift up their front foot and consequently adjust. Moving the weight will alter the hip and shoulder track giving a more sensual posture leading to a 2/third angle from the camera.

4. 2/3rds Turn Rule

Nobody wants to pick up several pounds on the camera. To avoid customers filling up the square of the camera, let them do a 2/3 move in the opposite direction of the camera, giving them a slimmer profile.

5. The Hair Rule

You do not have to worry about a bad hair day since that too can be advantageous. If you are on a photo-shoot with someone with long hair, a few hashtags can help you bring out the best of that mane. There are no fixed rules for posing hair but do not let the hair fall all over the shoulders since this obscures the face. Therefore, all hair can be laid behind the shoulders or in front of the shoulders. Besides, all hair can be laid on one side either left or right side or all hair up by creating a striking ponytail.

6. Texture Lighting

Position customers in a way that light goes crosswise over them rather than at them. This is specifically critical when you aim to show off “surfaces” or precise details. It is critical to recall this tip while capturing a wedding.  If the light does not go over the brides dress, we won’t see the “surfaces” and additional exquisite details.

7. Model Communication

Our objective is to position our customers so they look great before the camera and these tips will work better if we work on communication. You must build up clear and open correspondence of what you need the subjects to do to get an excellent shoot.

13 killer Sample Poses to Get Started

1.  You can achieve a genuinely decent and flawless stance with a client sitting. The client sits at the edge of the chair rather than entirely leaning back. Play with face angles depending on the “good” side of the client. The knees need to touch each other as you shoot marginally from above.

2.  Lying on the ground is another open and welcoming posture. Get down and take your shot starting from the ground. The hands should lay on the ground. This pose works exceptionally well outside, on the grass or in a wild environment.

3. Get a flawless and simple posture for a model sitting on the ground. Experiment with diverse head positions.

4. Have the client hold the hands over the head while body bends are accentuated to get a sensual posture. This works with fit body types.

5. A casual stance with the model standing upright and supporting her back against a divider. Keep in mind that the model may utilise a divider to help her back, as well as to put her hands on, or leaning a leg against it.

6. For elegant yet alluring look, let the client look over her shoulders. If shots are taken from alternate angles, you will notice that the photos will be intriguing.

7. If uniqueness makes you sparkle, then you can play around with hands. Make the subject try facetiously with her hand’s various position either on her face or head. Note that, restrict hand visibility to the sides since the hand might just cover up the face.

8. An extremely sensual and stunning look can be achieved by having the model expose a bare shoulder and part of the back. Let the client wrap a cloth from a few inches up her bottom and hold it against her front body part. Take the shot from her back. The model may look slightly over her shoulders.

9. In a standing position, advise the model to gradually move her hands in different positions and twist her body, for instance, hipline. Loosen up since if one is tensed, the photos will look unnatural.This can be an exquisite stance for slim ladies. The focus will be on the physique of the lady.

10. Get a flattering look by letting the subject slightly lean forward especially from the waist. It is unflattering to lean backwards or away from the camera since it makes the subject look weighty. Leaning forward and the neck will be automatically angled to get an extremely alluring motion.

11. Crossing arms builds a feeling of confidence. This is a perfect stance for career women in top positions. When crossing arms, tilt the chin slightly down and forward, and take the magical look.

12. An exceptionally admirable full stature can be achieved with the client forming an “S” shape with her body. Make the hands as casual as they can be, while the weight is shifted on one leg. You can also add glamour by protruding one side of the hip.

13. Flaunt the eyes and the neck by trying different angles that focus on the two. While sitting on a chair, the model can lay elbows on the knees, with arms either crossed or not, automatically making the customer look up to you. Shoot away incredible eyes, sugar-coated with a smile.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though and If you happen to run short on thoughts, remember you can always innovate. Have a fun-filled shooting session!

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