10 Best iPhone Photo Printers Review

iPhones can take some incredible photos, but that only gets you so far. Printing out the photos can really bring them to life, and being able to print them on-the-go is a game changer.

These ten iPhone photo printers 2017 make it easy to print out incredible photos directly from your iPhone.

ProductPrint sizeConnectivityPrint speedWeight
Hp Sprocket2 x 3 inchesBluetooth40 seconds5.6 ounces
Canon Selphy CP12003.9 x 5.8 inchesWireless41 seconds1.9 pounds
Polaroid ZIP2 x 3 inchesBluetooth1 minute6.6 ounces
Fujifilm Instax Share SP-12.4 x 1.8 inchesWireless30 seconds11 ounces
Zink Happy Photo Printer2×4 inchesWireless1 minute1.8 pounds
Prynt 2×3 inchesWiredSeconds8.8 ounces
Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Photo Printer4 x 6 inchesWireless or dock1.5~ 1.7 minutes1.7 pounds
LG Pocket Photo printer2×3 inchesBluetooth1 minute12.8 ounces
Pickit M2 Portable Photo Printer 2.1x3.4 inchesWireless45 seconds8.8 ounces

1.Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Photo Printer

Although Kodak is a household namein photography, the company went bankrupt in 2012. A year later, the company recovered and ventured back into business. One of the areas of focus of their new business model is print systems, and the Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Photo Printer shows how serious they are about their new business plan. The printer creates larger, higher quality prints but still gives you portability.

Design & Layout

This printer doesn’t look much different from a typical printer, but it’s much smaller. It measures 16.5x10x6.8 centimeters, so it’s somewhat compact. The paper tray takes up more space than the printer itself. The printer looks sleek and professional. An LED light notifies you when it’s ready to print, and a small side door gives you access to the paper and the cartridge.

Like a true smartphone printer, the Kodak Dock eliminates the need to use a computer for printing. You can connect your phone to the printer in the dock, or you can connect with Wi-Fi. Either way, it’s simpler than loading it onto your computer

How to setup

You can quickly set up for printing from your phone. Download the Kodak Printer Dock app and plug in the printer to a power source. In the app, add your printer and the dock and phone will automatically pair.


If you can press print, you can use the app. In the app, you can look through your camera roll and choose the picture you want to print. Then, you can view the border of the image and adjust the image by sliding or zooming. Then, press print.


This printer’s strength is its connectivity. You can connect to your phone with Wi-Fi or with the dock. The dock fits almost any phone you can imagine, including iPhone 7 Plus and other larger phones. For tablet connectivity, you can connect your tablet to the printer with a USB. It also prints from thumb drives and external storage, as long as there’s a phone in the dock. You can view and edit the photos from your external storage on your Kodak app.

Image quality

This printer produces top quality images. It uses dye sublimation technology, and there is no banding. The colors blend well together and the image is of professional quality.

  • Excellent quality of images
  • Multiple ways to print photos
  • Larger sized photos
  • Easy to use
  • Larger than most iPhone photo printers
  • No battery option

2.Hp Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This earned our award of the Best Overall Photo Printer for iPhones. This Bluetooth portable iPhone photo printer allows you to print out color photos that measure 2×3 inches. You can print out photos on sticker paper, and the printer uses no ink.


The printer itself has a nice design. It’s available in black or white and is small enough to fit into your pocket (it’s only 3×5 inches). There’s a power button, a reset button, and a charging port on the device. Overall, it has a sleek and smooth look that makes it look like a highly capable piece of equipment. A few lights blink on the device when it’s in use.

How To Use

Using this printer is simple. It comes with a setup card, as well as everything else you need to get started. There’s sticky paper, a micro USB charger, and an information sheet. You need to charge the device for about 90 minutes before it works.

Loading the paper involves sliding the top of the printer back and placing the paper in. Then, you can close it up. To get your phone connecting to the device, you need to go to the Sprocket website and download the Sprocket mobile app (it’s free). The app walks you through the connection process, but it’s all very simple. You can also connect your printer to your social media accounts and you can even print photos directly from your social media.

Sprocket allows you to edit photos before you print them. After you’ve done that, you hit the print option and it prints on the paper. There is no ink in the printer because the paper has special crystals that reveal a color when they are heated. So there’s no need to ever change the ink on the printer. All of the ink is already built into the paper.

Sprocket makes printing easy. Between its stylish design, its lack of ink, and its useful app, this photo printer gets top marks. The ability to edit photos in the app gives it a real edge, and the sticker paper gives you more ways to use the photos. There’s nothing not to like about this top iPhone photo printer.
  • Easy to use
  • Sticker paper
  • No ink is necessary for printing with its ZINK technology
  • Very portable; it even fits right in your pocket
  • Paper is expensive (20 sheets costs about $10)
  • Average print quality

3.Canon Selphy CP1200

For prints that look great, you should
consider the Canon Selphy. This iPhone photo printer makes larger photos (up to 4×6) that don’t have a border. The printer also has many different options for printing, so you’re not limited to only printing form your phone. You can purchase a battery so that you can print when there’s no power available.


This printer is small, but not the smallest of its kind. It’s 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches when it’s compact, and it weighs under two pounds. However, you do need to consider that paper, ink, and a power adapter add to that weight. Still, it’s small enough to put into a backpack or carry-on.

The printer has a door with a hinge. You need to place the paper tray in the door, and it sticks out about 7 inches from the printer itself. Then, you slip the ink cassette into the printer (it goes on the side). For printing smaller photos, you need to buy a smaller tray.

How to set up

By connecting your printer to your phone’s Wi-Fi connection, you can directly print photos from your phone. This printer was made for iPhone’s Air Print means that you can easily connect the printer to your phone. Setting up the printer is a little labor intensive, and you always need to find a way to plug in your printer, unless you have the additional battery that they sell separately. There’s the door hinge to install, the paper tray to place inside the door, and the ink cassette to install. It doesn’t take long to put together and it certainly doesn’t require any technical knowledge, but it does take more than other plug-and-go printers.

If you want to connect your printer to your computer or another camera, the process is still easy. You need to connect the printer and your computer or camera with a USB

Speed and Quality

The printing speed of this printer is on par with many of the other printers. Printing is the slowest when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. In that situation, it depends on the speed of your connection. However, it takes about 2 minutes to print on a connection of average speed. The quality of the photos is quite good.

If you’re looking for high quality prints, the Selphy CP1200 is a solid option. However, if portability Is your main concern, you may want to consider another choice.
  • Good quality prints
  • Connects to computer, phone, or camera
  • Ink costs can add up
  • Requires some assembly
  • Battery pack not included

4.Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

As the company who brought instant photography to the world, Polaroid hasn’t stood idly by while other companies make portable printers. The company has moved on with technology to create a good option for iPhone photo printing. The Polaroid Zip Mobile printer ranks high among similar technology, and here’s why.


The Zip is small, measuring about 4.7×2.9x.9 inches. At only 6.6 ounces, it definitely meets the requirements of portability. You could slip it in your back pocket and bring it anywhere. It’s available in fun colors, like blue, red, black, and white and has rounded edges that maintain a stylish appearance.

This printer is battery powered and works for about 25 photos. Recharging it is done with a USB cord (it’s included). Like Sprocket, it doesn’t use any ink and prints with thermal dye technology.

How to set up

Printing is done through the Zip app, which is available for both iOS and Android users. However, the app is not this printer’s strong suit. The app is the only way to print, and it has some issues. Sometimes, the images import the wrong way. It’s also not very user-friendly. Finding photos in the app can be time consuming.

Once you find your photo, you can edit it. Through the app, you can make basic adjustments and apply filters. There is no way, however, to undo your mistakes. If you make an error, you have to start the editing process from scratch.

Then, you can get ready to print. To prepare for printing, slide the top off of the printer and place in the paper. Click the print button, and the 2×3 inch photo comes out.

Speed and quality

While this printer won’t give you lightning-fast prints, it’s quick enough. It takes, on average, under a minute to print. But the quality isn’t anything to write home about. It doesn’t give you high-resolution images, and the quality appears to be even lower on edited images.

The Zip has its flaws. The app needs some work, and the printing quality isn’t great. However, it is extremely portable. It makes printing easy and fun. If you’re looking for a printer that will let you share some moments with friends while you’re on the road, the Zip is an ideal choice.
  • Very portable
  • Battery lasts for 25 prints
  • No ink necessary
  • Low quality images
  • You can only print through the app
  • The app has some glitches

5.Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1

Since 1934, Fujifilm has been in the photography industry. The company has never only been about cameras; it has been involved in making film, inkjet paper, and so much more. Now, the company ventures into iPhone photo printers with the Instax Share SP-1. This portable printer, using a Wi-Fi connection, prints photos from your iPhone with instant film.

Basics and setup

The SP-1 is 4x 4.8 inches and weighs about 11 ounces, making it small enough to keep in a large pocket. Getting started with the printer is simple. First, you install the 3 volt lithium batteries. Then, you place a film cartridge in the slot. Finally, you can start printing.

To simplify the process, the SP-1 tells you exactly what’s going on with 13 different status lights. Three lights on the front reveal how much battery is left in your printer. The ten remaining lights show how much of the ten prints of film is left (each cartridge only has ten prints). There are only two buttons on the device: power and reprint. Reprint prints the last image that you tried to print.


Before you print anything, you need to download the Instax Share app. You can take pictures through the app, or use it to access your photo gallery, Instagram, or Facebook photos. If you want to edit the photos first, the app allows you to add text, frames, and a few other details. The printer connects to your phone and you can print images directly from your phone by using a password that you choose.

Speed and quality

Printing with the SP-1 is extremely fast. It takes under 30 seconds to print out images from your phone wirelessly. When a photo first comes out, there’s no picture. It’s much like the old-school Polaroids; it takes a few seconds for images to appear.

The quality if the photos is similar to the quality found in instant cameras, which is better than the quality of photos from printers that use Zink technology.

Instax Share is a good printer that delvers decent quality prints. It’s both small and easy to use. However, the camera uses expensive cartridges and prints cost up to $1 each. Cartridges are not included with the purchase of the camera. This printer does not offer the most affordable printing option, but it does work well.
  • Small size
  • Battery powered
  • The app is user-friendly
  • Prints don’t instantly appear
  • The cartridges are expensive

6. Zink Happy Phone Printer

By now, you’re familiar with the Zink technology that some of the previous iPhone photo printers have used. The Zink company makes all of the thermal dye paper used by printers, but they also make their own printing option as well. The Zink Happy Phone Printer is their rendition of a portable printer. Although it’s technically a label maker, it works well as a printer and is comparable to the other printers available.

Basics and setup

Under 2 pounds, Zink Happy is easy to transport. Although it comes with a power cord, you can pay extra for a rechargeable battery that makes it fully portable. The battery adds a little height and weight to the printer, but not enough to make it any less portable.

This printer can connect to a network via Wi-Fi, and then connect to your phone or tablet. It also has Direct Connect Mode, which automatically connects your printer to your device when you download the Zink Design Studio app.

Once the app is installed, you can print your photos. You also have the option of creating images, like labels and business cards. Whatever you choose to print, it can be as large as 17 inches long. And anything you print can be used as a sticker if you remove the back.

The app is rather straightforward at first, but it takes some time to figure out the more advanced options. That said, printing photos is as easy as it gets.

Printing performance and quality

Zink claims that this printer prints at a rate of .15 inches per second in the default mode, and .3 inches per second in the standard mode. A 2×4 inch photo takes under one minute to print, which is average speed.

The photo quality from Zink Happy is decent. While it’s not anything special, it’s enough to give you prints that aren’t blurry or damaged.

Zink might be a label maker by name, but it’s also an efficient photo printer. In fact, it wouldn’t make much sense to get this printer solely for its label making abilities. As a photo printer, it manages to print decent photos with ease. The app is limited and doesn’t do much in the form of photo editing, but that’s not a deal-breaker. It’s portability and battery-powered option make it an excellent choice for on-the-go printing.
  • Photos can be used as stickers
  • Quick printing
  • Portability
  • Battery powered option
  • Battery not included
  • Low quality photos

7. Prynt Case iPhone Photo Printer

Up until this point, all of the printers on this list have had similar set-ups. Prynt changes things up a bit. Instead of looking like a printer, Prynt is more like a camera case. It goes around your phone and works like an instant camera, printing out your iPhone photos whenever you desire.

Prynt is stylish and almost vintage. The case itself is thick and comes in a variety of bright color options. It doesn’t quite pass for a phone case because of its odd shape, but it does give your phone an interesting look. Equipped with a non-functional shutter button, the case makes your phone look like a brand new, yet vintage camera.

The printer charges with a USB cable and snaps into your phone. You need to load the printer with paper and load the app on your phone, both of which are easy tasks to accomplish. Then, you can use the app to print out any images you want.

One of the coolest features is the ability to “print” a video. If you take a video with your phone, you can print an image from that video through the app. Once the image has printed, you can scan the photo with your phone (the app needs to be open), and you can view the video. It’s technology of the future, here today.

The app for Prynt is still in development, but there are some big plans for it. You can add filters and frames to your photos before you print them out. When you’re low on paper, the app alerts you and allows you to order it.


Prynt is compatible with iPhone 5s/SE, 6/6s/7 plus, and 6/6s/7. You need to order the right case for your phone, or it won’t fit.

Print Quality

This printer uses Zink technology to print out photos. The quality isn’t very good, but it’s clear enough. Photos come out in a 2×3 size, so it’s small but fun. And, like other Zink printers, all photos have a sticky backing,

Prynt may not have the best quality of photos or the most advanced app, but it’s unique. It’s a new take on printing photos, and this makes it an excellent option if you want something that hasn’t been done before. The video printing option is one feature that can make capturing and reliving your memories easier than ever.
  • Photos can be used as stickers
  • Video “printing”
  • Adds a unique look to your phone
  • No ink necessary
  • Poor print quality
  • Case makes your phone larger

8.LG Pocket Photo printer

This small iPhone photo printer is trulyLG Pocket Photo Printer something to behold. It looks stylish and uses Zink technology for inkless printing.

Build quality and design

At only 212 grams, this is a very light printer. It takes up very little space and is one of the smallest printers of its type. You remove the top lid to load paper into the device. Then, replace the lid and it’s all set. It features a power button and a mini USB port for charging- it’s simplicity at its best. When you print something, it comes out at the base.

There’s nothing cheap about this printer. Metal casing on the side gives it a refined look, and even the plastic looks sleek.

How to set up

Set-up involves installing the LG photo printer app. Once you install it, you need to turn the printer on and make sure your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity is on. Find the LG printer and pair it with your phone. Then, you can choose a photo to print and click “print” to print it immediately.

This printer uses Zink technology, so you need to use Zink paper. When you place the paper in the printer, the blue side of the paper needs to go face down, and the white side should be facing up. After you load the paper and click print, it can take up to two minutes for your photo to print. It prints in a 2×3 size.


Setting up this printer is simple, but pairing your phone to your printer can get annoying. The app is easy to use and allows you to set timers to end the Bluetooth connection or to change the print margins.

While the LG Pocket uses some impressive technology, it still has its flaws. Someone on a budget might find the printer paper to be too expensive; Zink paper doesn’t come cheap. Additionally, the small size of the prints and the poor quality of the image makes this printer a poor choice if you’re looking for a professional-grade printer. However, for fun, quick prints, LG Pocket gets the job done. The sticker paper is fun and the portability makes it possible for you to print anywhere you could imagine printing photos.
  • Tiny size
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Inkless printing
  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • Cost of printing paper
  • Poor quality of images
  • Small image size

9. Pickit M2 Portable Photo Printer

Similar to Prynt, Pickit is a small printer that resembles an old Polaroid camera in functionality. However, this option looks nothing like an old Polaroid, and you can’t even compare the photo quality. The size of a wallet, the device pairs with any devices through Wi-Fi or NFC. The dimensions of this device are surprisingly small; it’s only 15.5×7.5×2.5 mm. Included with your purchase of the device is a magnetic sleeve. The sleeve prevents scratches and protects the printer from any other damage. After all, such a small device is fragile.

The printer uses a 640 mAh battery that recharges with a USB cord. The battery can last several prints before it needs a recharge. Once the battery dies, all you need to do is plug it in and let it recharge.

Pickit prints out images the size of a credit card. The paper is both scratch-proof and waterproof. But that’s not what makes this printer stand out. The most impressive feature is its printing technology. It uses dye sublimation to print out images of an incredibly high quality. The dye sublimation process actually embeds colors into the paper, so it’s resistant to smudging, water, and tearing. And the quality is much better than the quality of photos printed with Zink technology, giving this printer a big edge.

As far as usability goes, Pickit gets high marks. To use it, you need to download the app from the app store and turn on the device (there’s a power button on the printer). Connect to the printer’s Wi-Fi, and you can start printing. The app allows you to choose a photo to print and comes with editing options, including text, filter effects, and frames. The whole printing process takes under a minute.

Whats the catch?

Nothing is perfect, and Pickit is no exception. The same technology that gives this printer high-quality images gives it a high maintenance cost. Only 8 pieces of photo paper are included with your purchase of paper. You can buy more replacement paper, but it comes at a cost.

That said, this photo printer uses cutting-edge technology that gives your photo incredible quality. You can create impressive photos on the spot with this small but reliable printer.

  • High-quality images
  • Water resistant and scratch resistant photos
  • Extremely portable (small and battery powered)
  • Easy to use with quick connectivity and a fun app
  • Cost of replacement paper

10.Canon pixma ip110 portable printer

You can only slim down a printer so muchbefore it loses functionality. For those who are looking to print large images, a tiny, wallet-sized printer is not an option. However, there is a printer capable of printing out legal-sized prints, and it’s compact enough to be called portable. That printer is the Canon pixma iP110.

This printer isn’t as portable as some of the other options on this list. You can’t keep it in your briefcase, and you certainly can’t put it in your pocket. But it does run on battery power (although it also can be plugged in with the included adapter) and it connects to devices via Wi-Fi. This is the type of printer you could bring with you while you travel for business.

Don’t let the fact that this printer prints letter-sized paper fool you. It is first and foremost a photo printer. And it can meet all your printing needs.


The iP110 is similar in size to a tissue box, and comes in a rectangular shape. When you open it up for printing, it’s slightly larger. Weighing in at 4.3 pounds, the printer is just over 12 inches across, 9 inches long, and 8.5 inches tall. The printer needs space for the paper to come out in the front, and it lacks a paper tray.

The paper sits in the top of this printer, making it easy to load. There is no need for a power source or for any other cables, because the printer can connect through Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct. However, you can opt to connect it with a USB cable. You can also charge the battery with the USB.


This printer features a battery, which, as previously mentioned, is a great feature. However, it isn’t included in the purchase price. It also features support for Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint, in addition to Pixma Printing Solutions. You can print from cloud sites, like Facebook, Dropbox, and more.


Setting up the printer is much different than setting up a typical printer. You need to properly install two cartridges, but there is no real assembly required.

Performance and Printing quality

This printer can perform. It prints a 4×6 photo in under a minute, which is impressive. For a portable printer, the printing quality is excellent, showing the real drawback of Zink and similar instant printing techniques.

  • High-quality images
  • Quick printing
  • Prints legal-size paper
  • Larger than many portable printers
  • Requires room to print
  • Ink replacement is expensive

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