Best Photo Printer Reviews 2017-Buyer’s Guide

We recently tested and reviewed over a dozen of photo printers to answer the question:

What are the major types of photo printers?

What’s the main difference between them?

What factors you should consider? How to choose a best photo printer for your needs?

We looked at their design and setup. We looked at their print speed. We looked at their print quality.

If you are looking for the best photo printers you will get in 2017, then you will love this guide.

Withour further ado, let’s dive right in!

Normally, there are two main types of photo printers:

Inkjet printer and thermal dye printer.

And the difference is that inkjet is multi-purpose printer, while thermal dye printer is specifically designed to print digital photographs only.

Best Photo Printers 2017

ProductPrinter TypeMaxiam Paper SizeNumber of ink ColorPrice
Epson Artisan 1430inkjet printer13"x19"6
HP LaserJet Pro M501dnmono laser printer8.5"x14"2
Canon SELPHY CP910inkjet printer4"x6"3
Epson Expression Home XP-420inkjet printer8"x10"4
Canon PIXMA PRO-10 inkjet printer13"x19"10
Canon Selphy CP1200 Thermal Dye4"x6"4
HP Envy 4520inkjet printer4"x6"3
Canon PIXMA MX922inkjet printer4"x6"5
Epson PictureMate PM-400inkjet printer5"x7"6

1. Epson Artisan 1430 – Best Overall Inkjet Photo Printer

Seiko Epson is a Japanese electronics company and one of the largest companies that manufacture and supply printers around the globe. Epson Artisan 1430 is one of the best inkjet photo printers produced and supplied by Seiko Epson today since it comes with lots of features that makes it unique and a high performer than all inkjet printers in the market.

Amazing features of Epson Artisan 1430 that take its performance to the next level in the photo printing industry:

Different Connectivity Options

Epson Artisan 14030 supports different connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, and USB connection to PCs, making it suitable for home or office use.

Ultra Hi-Definition

The size of the photograph printed is always a very important thing to consider when in the photo printing industry. Epson Artisan 1430 comes with a very large print out size of 13″ by 19″, which produces clear and larger images that all the inkjet photo printers you can think of.

 Wireless Printing Ability

Portability and wireless printing are among the most important things to consider when buying a photo printer so that as a professional photographer, you can have freedom to move around with your printer to different locations. Epson Artisan 1430 inkjet printer comes with wireless printing ability, making it one of the most preferred photo printer for its less bulkiness; this feature is also important when you need to share your photo printer with others within your network.

Color and Lighting Correction Feature

Color correction and lighting effect are very important features that a quality photo printer should have. Epson Artisan 1430 inkjet photo printer comes with color correction and lighting effect, which allows you to manipulate colors and change lighting effect during photograph printing. With these features, you can change things like skin or eye color to become the color that you need depending on your preference.

Claria Hi-Definition Ink

Durability of the printed photographs is another important thing to take into consideration when printing photos: Epson Artisan 1430 inkjet photo printer uses Claria hi-definition ink that produces pictures that are smudge, fade, water, and scratch resistant; which makes the photos more durable. Claria hi-definition ink also allows the Epson Artisan 1430 to print four times longer than other normal printers.

High DPI

For high-quality resolutions in photos, a photo printer needs to have a higher DPI, which stands for Dots Per Ink: Epson Artisan comes with a high DPI of 5760 by 1440, which enable it to produce very high-resolution photos than any inkjet printer out there in the market.

Six-color ink system

Epson Artisan comes with a six-color ink system, which is responsible for providing an excellent color effect depending on your own preference as a photographer.

If you are a professional photographer, you need to take your printing career to the next level by using Epson Artisan 1430 photo printer, since it comes with lots of impressive and unique features, which improve your photo printing creativity than ever before.

Epson Artisan is more recommended for photo printing purposes and not for arts or crafts. To get the best quality print out, ensure that you always use the right printing paper with high quality, to get a quality result from the six-color ink system that comes with Epson Artisan 1430 inkjet printer.
  • One of the most affordable wide format printers in the market
  • It comes with a six-color ink system that gives it the ability to produce photographs of different color effects
  • It produces high-quality photos on right photo paper
  • It comes with no media card slots installed
  • It produces poor quality photos when plain paper is used rather than photo paper

2. HP LaserJet Pro M501dn -Best laser photo printer

HP Inc, simply known as HP and stands for Hewlett Packard, is an American technology company that specializes in manufacturing, computers and other accessories including photo printers. HP LaserJet Pro M501dn is one of the best photo printers manufactured and supplied by HP Inc and is widely preferred by professional photographers due to its high performance when it comes to producing quality photo prints.

HP LaserJet Pro M501dn mono laser photo HP LaserJet Pro M501printer comes with lots of features that makes it the most preferred LaserJet Photo printer when speed and general photo quality are among the most important factors considered. Here are among the impressive features that make it the best laser photo printer:


HP LaserJet Pro M501dn photo printer comes with a unique design, and it measures 11.4 by 16.5 by 14.8 inches and weighs 25.6 pounds; which requires a little spacious table either at home or in the office. It also consists of monochrome LCD, a two-way controller, and numeric keypad for a more secure photo printing.

The M501dn laser printer also has a total of 650 printing paper capacity for both main tray and multipurpose feeder. Moreover, the HP laser photo printer allows you to add extra printing paper up to 1200 sheets, by adding a second paper tray with a capacity of 550 sheets, making this photo printer for a high volume printing projects.

This HP laser photo printer also comes with both USB and Ethernet connectivity ability and can print photos from different devices including Android smartphones, tablets, and iOS when these devices are connected to the same network as the Hp laser printer. Finally, M501dn supports a unique feature of password-protected printing, which gives security when it comes printing of photographs or graphics.

Printing Speed of HP LaserJet Pro M501dn

Photo printing speed is one one of the most important things to consider when buying a photo printer. HP LaserJet Pro M501dn is one of the fastest laser printers, and it comes with an average printing speed of 47.1 pages per minute: This makes M501dn faster than all other printers in terms of mono laser printing ability.

Output Quality

HP laserJet pro-M501dn has unique features that make it produce high-quality output, which is definitely above average for a mono laser photo printer. M501dn laser printer also supports high-quality text, and above average photographs and graphics. The color mode feature in M501dn gives the printer ability to produce a more detailed background images and color than any other laser printer you can think of out there.

The HP LaserJet Pro M501dn comes with lots of impressive features such as high speed, good quality output, extra paper capacity, relatively low running cost, and password protected printing ability; which makes it be the best option when it comes to quality photo printing services. Finally, M501dn is the highly recommended mono laser printer for medium and large printing duties both in an office environment or at home.
  • M501dn laser is considered on of the fastest photo printer due to its high-speed printing
  • The HP lasers printer is best for a high volume printing jobs
  • M501dn supports high volume paper capacity due to extra paper tray that it comes with
  • HP LasersJet Pro has relatively low running cost compared to other printers due to its durability
  • One notable downside of HP LaserJet Pro M501dn photo printer is that it has limited optional paper capacity: And maybe because of its size, it may need a larger space than smaller models of photo printers.

3. Canon SELPHY CP910 -Best Portable Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY CP910 is a portable photo printer, which Canon SELPHY CP910 is an upgrade of the CP900 photograph printer that was released in 2012. It comes in a black or white edition that makes it more attractive that the previous CP900 model. CP910 weighs 810g and measures 178*127*60.5mm, which makes it lightweight and can be easily carried in a backpack. To be able to use CP910, you need to drop down the side panel and put in the cartridge, the fill the plastic paper cassette with the media, then lower the panel push it into its place.

Wireless Connectivity

Canon Selphy CP910 portable photo printer comes with a wireless connectivity ability, which is achieved through Wi-Fi: This is one of the major upgrades that comes with CP910, which was not included in the previous model CP900. This impressive feature allows CP910 to print from a range of systems including; Android, Window, and iOS devices.

To use this unique feature, you need to download Canon Easy-PhotoPrint application, set your smartphone Wi-Fi to revealed SSID and the enter the password, then you are ready to print using the CP910 wireless feature through Wi-Fi. Moreover, it also comes with the USB port on the side, which allows for PC connection; and for a flash drive or SD card, there is a slot on the front that can be used to access photos for printing.

Print Times

The print times for CP910 is 47 seconds for a postcode size photograph, and under 30 seconds for credit card and mini stickers size photos. Ideally, this is the same print time supported by the previous model CP900, which means the upgrade did not touch on the speed of printing photos in CP910 latest model. However, the quality of the photo produced in CP910 is very impressive with sharper definitions and true colors; and its editing feature also makes it easy to achieve smooth skin texture and eye color manipulation.

The Canon Selphy CP910 Portable Photo Printer is the when it comes to portability. However, if you use the previous model CP900, the only thing you are missing is the wireless feature, which is the major upgrade done to CP910. As such, buying this latest model is only relevant if you need wireless photo printing ability.

4. Epson Expression Home XP-420 – Best home photo printer

Epson Expression Home XP-420 is one of the best photo Epson Expression Home XP-420printers suitable for home use. the XP-420 is a light, compact and multifunction printer that comes with lots of impressive features that makes it produce photos. Epson has a number of Expression Small-in-One models, and XP-420 is one the smallest models and it is an upgrade from the previous model XP-410. If you are a professional photographer who needs the most compact inkjet all in one full-featured printer, XP-420 is the best option for you.

Design and Features of Epson Expression Home XP-420

The Epson Expression Home XP-420 home photo printer measures 20.8*15.4*11 inches; and weight of 9 pounds, which are the measurements of XP-410 making them the smallest but full-featured home photo printers.

Epson Expression Home XP-420 comes with full-featured control panel and a 2.5-inch color touchscreen, where you can configure the printer and perform other printing duties such as scanning to or printing from SD cards.

XP-420 also supports wireless connectivity of devices such as smartphone and tablet, which can be done in different ways that include Wi-FI direct, a protocol for connection to two Wi-Fi ready devices without either being connected to the Epson Expression Home XP-420 photo printer.

Epson Expression Home XP-420 comes with impressive features that make it a lightweight option, yet fully featured home printer that allows for multiple device connectivity and wireless features. If you a home photograph printer which is lighter but incorporates lots of features that enhance performance, XP-420 is the best option for you.
  • XP-420 supports high-quality printing output, scans, and copies, making it the best home edition
  • Epson Expression Home XP-420 comes with an impressive feature that allows it support auto-duplexing print engine
  • XP-420 has a low initial and ongoing cost
  • XP-420 Has a very high cost per page
    It comes with no USB flash drivers and PictBridge feature

5. Canon PIXMA PRO-10 -Best professional photo printer

The Canon Pixma pro 10 is one of the best photo printers; Canon PIXMA PRO 10which are designed for professional photographers and photo printers due to its unique features that allows it to produce beautiful photographic prints than other known photo printers.

Setup of Canon Pixma Pro 10

The Pixma Pro 10 professional photo printer is a little heavy and it weighs slightly above 40 pounds and comes with a measurement of 27.2*15.2*8.5 inches. The Canon photo printer comes with a quick setup sheet with detailed directions on how to set it up, making it easy even for a novice to setup.

There is also a procedure to follow when installing software that comes with a CD, however, the process of installing the software is time-consuming and needs a little of experience, since you may need to visit Canon’s website to download some few drivers that will make the Pixma pro 10 function properly.

Printing Quality of Canon Pixma Pro 10

The Pixma Pro 10 professional photo printer has a high printing quality and integrates well with printing technologies such as Aperture and lightroom. On the other hand, canon Pixma pro 10 supports additional feature where you can install canon’s print studio pro as a plugin in Abobe Photoshop and Lightroom, to work with all the models of Canon Pixma pro 1, pro 10, and pro 100. The one big advantage of Print studio pro is that it lets you do almost everything in one place since it is fully featured and well designed.

Moreover, if need good quality printing with the pro 10 and print studio pro, you have to work with high-quality canon’s standard printing papers. You can use the Pro Mode color management feature that comes print studio pro and is very helpful in maintaining color fidelity, which is always a major problem in photography printing technology.

On the other hand, Lightroom is very important when you need to add some sharpness to the output of the photographs that you print using Pro 10. This effect of image sharpness is not easily achieved with print studio pro, or by using your own knowledge: however, if you need a printout that is generally perfect, print studio pro should do the work for you.

Canon Pixma pro 10 is the best professional photo printer that anyone who needs quality should consider using. It is a heavy-duty photo printer that comes with lots of features that makes a high performer among other printers. Pro 10 also works well with other third party software such as Lightroom, print studio pro, and Aperture to produce high-quality resolutions on printed photographs.
  • Pro 10 supports a quality photo printing with the help of pigment inks
  • The canon photo printer can be used together with the print studio, pro mode, and other software to produce quality color effects and resolution.
  • Canon Pixma pro 10 professional photo printer supports multiple connectivity options that include Wi-Fi, ethernet, and USB connectivity.
  • Initial installation of software used by pro 10 can be a problem sometimes and needs experience.
  • The aperture which is one of the useful editing tools does not support print studio pro.

6. Canon Selphy CP1200 -Best compact photo printer

Canon Selphy CP1200 is one of the best compact photoCanon Selphy CP1200 printers that is portable and easy to carry around. CP1200 produces high-quality photo prints that are good-looking. If you are a professional photographer who needs high-quality borderless photos and offers a lot of features at a very competitive initial buying price, Canon selphy CP1200 is the option for you.


The Canon Selphy CP1200 comes with a compact design, and a measurement of 7.1*5.4*2.5 inches, and weighs slightly less than 2 pounds. The small size of the CP1200 photo printer makes it highly portable and can easily fit into a sizeable bag or a large handbag.

Canon Selphy CP1200 comes with an 18-sheet paper tray that extends slightly, about 7 inches in front of the printer, and a hinged lid attached to the paper tray acts as the output tray.

The Canon photo printer comes with optional snap-on battery pack, which allows the CP1200 to be used even when it is not connected to the power supply and is estimated to last 54 snapshots when fully charged. However, it comes with a power cable and power block, which measures 5.1*2.5*1.25 inches.

The CP1200 photo printer can produce different photo print sizes; 4 by 6-inch print, 2.1 by 3.4, 3.5 by 4.7 inches and a 2-inch square label.


To setup and establish a wireless connection, you need to leave some room behind the printer where the printing papers will re-emerge.

Ultimately, when printing from an Android handset, you will need to use the canon print inkjet/selphy application. However, iOS users have no big issue as the AirPrint feature enables them to print other iOS application.

Canon Selphy CP1200 can easily be set up on a Wi-Fi network, or you can use direct connection Wi-Fi if a network connection is available for printing from a Wi-Fi enabled digital camera.

To setup the Selphy CP1200 photo printer, you just need to insert the paper tray and ink cassette. You can the check and establish the connection of USB port to the computer.

Speed and Printing Quality

Canon Selphy CP1200 uses advanced dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology to produce four different passes on a single print. The four passes print makes a 4 by 6-inch print within less than a minute. The printing speed of canon proves to be faster when USB connection is used, than when SD card is used. On the other hand, wireless connection produces slow printing speed and goes beyond a minute.
The quality of the photo prints produced by Canon Selphy CP1200 is very impressive due to highly advanced printing technology that comes with this CP1200 photo Printer.

If you are professional photographer and printer who needs a high performing photo printer, which is portable and has an easy to use fully featured control panel, Canon Selphy CP1200 the option that you need to go with. It comes with a highly competitive initial price that no quality photo printer comes with.
  • The CP1200 produces high-quality photographs due its high technology ability
  • The Canon Selphy CP1200 offers multiple ways to connect to other devices
  • CP1200 has a number of photo printing options to choose from
  • Wireless printing is very slow
  • CP1200 is a bit bulky and is not suitable to carry around on busy photo taking sessions
  • The battery pack that comes with CP1200 makes it to be costly

7. HP Envy 4520 -Best budget photo printer

HP Envy 4520

HP envy 4520 is the most cost effective all in one photo printer that any professional or a beginner in photo printing who needs to save a little when buying a photo printer should consider having.

Design and Features

The HP Envy 4520 comes with stylish and a little high-tech design that the previous model 5400. The Envy 4520 also comes with a nice size of 17.58*14.5*5 inches, and a weight of 11.9 pounds, making suitable for a desktop printer. Since it supports Wi-Fi, you can place it anywhere around the room and still get it function properly. The Envy 4520 has a 2.2-inch monochrome LCD that is the only feature offering physical control besides on and off button.

The Envy 4520 also supports multiple connectivity abilities, and one can use direct wired USB connection to a computer besides using Wi-Fi for photo printing. However, HP Envy 4520 does not support direct printing from external storage devices since it has no dedicated USB port for that purpose.


The setup procedure for HP envy is not a difficult and any novice can just get right when installation procedure is followed strictly. It comes with a simpler design, that makes it easy get it working within no minutes.
Wireless and other network connection are also easy as there is no extra software to install like other models of HP envy series.

Speed and Printing Quality

The speed of envy 4520 is considerable good enough to produce a number prints per minute. However, when compared with other high-quality printers, it is not up to the task of producing bulk prints. However, the printing quality is reasonably good due to a little advance printing technology used when it was being built.

If you are after the best photo printer with the most affordable price tag yet comes with all in one impressive features, HP envy 4520 is the best option for you. However, for a bulk photo printing and high-speed printing, envy will limit your needs and may not be the best option. It also supports different printing options which make it to be among the best when printing options are needed.
  • This photo printer has a low purchase price and anyone can afford to buy it
  • Has an excellent print quality
  • Envy 4520 is easy to setup and use
  • Envy is small and lightweight and therefore portable
  • Very slow in photo printing
  • Envy 4520 comes with a small input and output tray.

8. Canon PIXMA MX922 -Best all-in-one photo printer

Canon Pixma MX922 is considered as one of the best multifunction photo printers due to its all-in-one feature and capability to produce great-looking documents and photo images. MX922 is easy to use and anyone including a novice can work perfectly with this photo printer without any complication.

Design and Features

The Pixma MX922 general design is geared to fit small office and home use. The MX922 is attractive and well built, and it comes with a very classic chassis that makes it look even more classier and unique. The canon photo printer also comes with an auto-duplexing automatic document feeder. Besides, it has an advanced print engine that prints, scans, copies and faxes all without user intervention.

The Canon Pixma MX922 also comes with high volume input tray that can support 250 sheets comfortably; a feature that makes MX922 to be considered the best photo printer for both home and office with slightly high photo printing volumes. As such, if you are a photographer who needs average performing photo printer that is affordable, Canon Pixma MX922 is the best option for you, though it will come with few limitations especially on the photo printing speed.

The MX922 comes with a sizeable measurement of 19.4*15.6*9.1 inches, which makes it a little large but can easily fit around small tables and furniture in the office environment or at home. MX922 also comes with an average weight of 25.7 pounds and therefore not very difficult to move around.


Pixma MX922 is one of the photo printers that are very easy to set up for use. It comes with an easy to install printer drivers and bundle software that needs no experience or technical know-how.

The Canon photo printer comes with the onscreen instructions that pop up on the LCD; it also has a detailed installation tutorial on a CD and getting the MX922 wireless network to work is very straight forward.

Speed and Printing Quality

The Canon Pixma MX922 comes with a five-ink imaging system that is common with top brands of photo printers that are considered the best in the photo printing industry, five-ink imaging system gives photos and graphics a stunning look that any professional photographer would consider using for quality photo printing.

On the other hand, the speed of MX922 photo printer is relatively slow compared to the standard quality of photo printer needed for a high volume printing purpose and for commercial use. However, the photo printing quality that is very high should be the main thing to consider since it is suitable for home and office use.

If you need all-in-one strong feature set photo printer with high-quality printing, the canon Pixma MX922 is the best option to try out. MX922 is very users friendly and anyone with little or no technical knowledge can easily get the canon photo printer working in no minute.
  • MX922 comes with strong features making it durable
  • The Canon photo printer produces impressive quality documents, photo, and graphics output
  • It is very user-friendly
  • MX922 comes with auto-duplexing feature
  • The canon photo printer is somehow very slow in printing
  • It comes with a slightly higher cost per page.


9. Epson PictureMate PM-400 -Best Entry Level Photo Printer

Epson PictureMate PM-400 is carefully designed to fulfill all  Epson PictureMate PM-400photo printing needs for a new professional who needs to take photo printing to a whole new level. Like many high-quality photo printer, picture mate pm-400 supports different printing options from PC, tablet, smartphone, SD card, and a flash drive with a lot of ease.

Design and Setup

Epson PictureMate PM-400 photo printer comes in a portable design with size measurement 9.8*6.9*3.3 inches, and manageable weight of four pounds.

PM-400 also comes with connection features, like AC adapter jack and mini USB port on the left side of the printer. Also on the right side of the printer, you will find SD card slot USB 2. port that is important for printing a removable flash drive. The Epson photo printer also comes with LCD measuring 2.7 inches and placed at the top of the printer.

To set up Epson PictureMate PM-400, you need to first plug in the printer, and then push the square four-color ink cartridge into its place under the top panel.

To the Epson printer online, you need to download a driver and installer software. You can use either Wi-Fi or USB connection to access the network, and both should work just fine with the PM-400. Finally, you need to insert the papers into the feed slot and ensure that the paper guide is placed properly.

Speed and Print Quality

The Epson photo printer is one of the all round performing printers in the market, and it comes with an average photo printing speed that is just fine for small work. However, the printing speed may be a limiting factor when this impressive photo printer is to be used for commercial purpose. On the positive side, PM-400 is one of the best when it come quality photo printing, and it is highly recommended for quality output in both photo and image production.

Epson PictureMate PM-400 comes with lots of impressive design features that makes it unique of all printers around. It supports multiple connection options, making it one of the best when freedom of printing is the main issue. The PM-400 is user-friendly, and very portable and can be easily moved around within an office or home environment without causing damage to the printer.
  • The photo printer is very compact and easily portable
  • It is very user-friendly
  • Very good print quality
  • It is relatively expensive
  • Comes with a few sheet of paper

How to Choose the Best Photo Printer for your Needs

Before deciding on which photo printer to buy, you need to first understand why you need the photo printer and what you need to do with it. As such, there are a number of factors that you need to put into consideration when looking into the features of available photo printers, so that you ensure that you select and buy the best photo printer that will satisfy your photo production needs. Here are among the most important things you need to consider when buying a photo printer:

1. Types of Printers

Basically, there are two types of photo printers; inkjet photo printer and dye sublimation printers. Inkjet photo printers can handle a number of tasks such as document printing, web page printing, digital media printing, and photo printing as the main use. On the other hand, dye sublimation printers are specifically designed for photo printing alone. As such, you need to know whether your printing needs aligns with inkjet or dye-sublimation photo printers.

2. Resolution

Resolution is one of the first things to consider when buying a photo printer: A photo printer with high resolution will produce high-quality photo prints and vice versa. A resolution of 4,800 * 1,200 dpi or even higher is considered the best resolution and most photo printers do come with good resolution.

3. Printer Size

The size of a photo printer is also among the most important things to consider when purchasing a photo printer. Smaller, compact, and portable printing machine are always the best in terms of performance. However, they may cost a little more, but the cost should not come before the performance when you need quality and value for your money.

4. Connectivity

Connectivity is also among the things you need to take into consideration when buying a photo printer. The printer you select should be compatible with all your digital storage devices, and should also support both the wireless network connection and wired network connection through the USB port.

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