How to Choose a Photo or Camera Backpack

Choosing the right storage gear for your photography tools can be a tedious task. It is however a rewarding experience, since your equipment deserve to be stored and protected well.

Backpacks are ideal since they are versatile. This provides suitable options for your varying needs as a photographer. The following tips explain how to choose the right camera bag.

· Amount of photo or video equipment to carry

Before settling on a backpack, carefully evaluate all the gear that you have. Create a checklist of what you have. Knowing how much gear you have provides you with a rough idea of the backpack size.

Avoid an oversized backpack. Not only will it add more weight and make you uncomfortable, but you will also be tempted to add unnecessary items that you do not need.

· Technological gadgets like laptops and tablets

In this techno-era, photographers have gadgets which help them undertake various tasks. This makes it imperative to carry them everywhere one goes. In that case, choose a backpack that accommodates the size of your laptop or tablet.

Moreover, the backpack has to have a padded and protective sleeve or pouch for the gadget. Most pouches have slings which hold the laptop in place, thus preventing it from moving around.

· Space for accessories

Choose a backpack that has space not only for your photography gear, but also for personal effects such as food, extra clothing, cables and folders. Having a backpack that accommodates all your itinerary provides you with comfort as you move around. No one wants to carry a backpack and hand luggage at the same time. It is hectic.

In addition to that, the type of camera matters. If your camera needs a stand, such as the tripod, choose a backpack that has a supportive system.

· Your physique

It is one of the most important factors to consider. Your height, weight and shoulder width determine how to choose the right camera bag. Your backpack should not overwhelm you in any way. Choose a backpack with wide and padded shoulder straps. Opt for backpacks which have air mesh material and smooth fabric which allow air circulation and also prevent sore skin.

· The durability of the backpack

It is important to factor in the durability of the backpack you want to have. When choosing one, take into consideration the weather conditions. Your backpack needs to withstand various types of weather. Choose waterproof or rubberized fabric in case of wet conditions. Most accessories like a rain cover pad are obtained from various outlets. Also ensure the pack has strong straps in case of extreme wind.

Apart from the weather conditions, consider how frequent you use the backpack. If you are always travelling, choose a backpack with hard khaki-like fabric. This will withstand wear and tear from the frequent use.

· The functionality of the backpack

Each photographer has unique needs. Some prefer to carry the bags on their backs. Others prefer backpacks with wheels. Some backpacks serve both roles and have straps as well as wheels and a handle. As a photographer, it is up to you to identify a backpack that caters to your needs.

Choosing a suitable backpack can be cumbersome. It is difficult to find a one-size-fit-for-all backpack. However, certain tips can help you to choose the right camera bag. Take into consideration your physique, the functionality of the backpack, accessories, amount of gear and space of the backpack. You will have won half the battle.

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