Photography Tips: How to Photograph Wedding Rings

Weddings are a huge part of a person’s life, that moment when one commits himself or herself to loving someone for better and for worse should never be forgotten. Wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of the commitment. They practically summarize the whole affair in two small circles of love. This is why when it comes to wedding photography; the rings are the center of attention. One can be forgiven if he doesn’t take perfect photos of the procession, but the photographs of the rings should be outstanding.

Wedding Ring

Here is a quick guide that will help you get that edge when it comes to photographing wedding rings.

TIP #1: Photography equipment

a) Proper Lens

Getting good quality wedding ring photograph starts with the acquisition of proper lens. What you need is a macro lens that will enable you to focus and zoom adequately without losing resolution. The most common rookie mistake out there happens when someone takes a full angle photograph then later crops the picture to focus on the rings. If you do this, your image will blur and pixelate in the process. The best lens out there for this job is the Micro 55mm (or 60mm) f2.8 for Nikon DSLR cameras or if you are using a Canon camera then a 100mm f2.8L Macro of EF 100mm f2.8 IS would do the trick. These lenses are pretty affordable (especially the used ones) and easily acquired on Amazon and eBay.

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b) Lights

I cannot overemphasize the importance of good lighting. Every accomplished photographer understands how critical lighting is, after all, photography is all about light. Now, seeing that the wedding rings are tiny objects, you might want to get some small alternative light sources that can be easily manipulated to suit your taste and preferences. Remember you do not wish to a flushed bright background. You want something exotic and spiced up. There are these tiny LED lights I found online that have worked miracles for me! You cannot believe how much I have accomplished with the aid of these two babies! What I usually do is; find the correct background then manipulate the two lights, maybe use one as the leading light and the other one to spice up the background. This trick has always worked wonders.

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TIP #2: Camera settings

a) Don’t rely on Autofocus

The beauty of the manual setting and manual focus is the fact that you are in control of the photography. The perfect way to achieve amazing photographs is to do it yourself. Too much overreliance on automation doesn’t always bring good results. Just focus manually and take as many photographs as you can while comparing each with the others.

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b) Turn up your aperture

For this part, you might want to be generous in your actions. The idea is to turn that aperture high probably between f4-f5.6; you want to ensure that your aperture allows all the details in as much as possible. Do this minding you shutter speed and the overall lighting. You might want to reduce your lighting and shutter speed (but not too much). Something around 1/100th of a second is not too wrong. If your shutter speed is low and your image is still too bright you might want, to reduce the light sources.

TIP #3: Creative Tips

Now that we have set the grounds for some awesome photography Let’s delve into the art of spicing things up a little.

a) Wedding rings and flowers

Cliché, right? I know this is overdone. Probably all the weddings you have attended, and all the wedding photo albums you have seen have one of these. Many photographers are bored to death by these. But might I remind you that your clients are probably getting married for the first time, and a lot of thought, money and time have been placed into it. It might be a cliché to you but not to them. A good angle photograph of rings with flowers beside it or a ring inside a flower should bring out the appeal. Being an overdone thing, you might want to get a little bit creative with your flowers and rings. Try different angles, backgrounds lighting and arrangement. Do not overdo this one; it gets boring pretty fast.

For this particular part, I would recommend using a speed light. There are many affordable speed lights available online. Do not mind so much about the brand at an early stage. You can try Neewer NW-610II which goes for only 60 bucks on Amazon; It is universal and won’t limit you to use specific cameras.

b) Make it sparkle

Another wedding rings photography trick is to get it sparkling. The couple might or might not have bought diamond rings, but it is your moral and professional duty to make it sparkle for them. Now, this is a trick I learned over the years, pretty simple to master and implement. There are a lot of sparkly things around in a wedding setting. Starting from the dresses, fancy bags with glitters, shoes even a scrapbook can do the trick. The idea is to have a sparkling background. Ensure your sparkles are well illuminated in the background and then take a photograph with your primary light focusing on the rings. Adjust your lens to have that nice semi-blurred sparkling background.

c) Decorative Lights

The whole idea of photography is getting creative with the little available tools. Christmas and decoration lights are readily available and very cheap to purchase. They always bring out nice warm and cozy backgrounds for your rings. Make sure that your primary focus is on the rings and the background is a tad blurry.

d) Setting the foreground

I have emphasized on a proper background and how to achieve it thus far. Let’s take a look at the foreground tricks. Shooting through stuff can be tricky but at the same time bring out a unique quality photograph. Things to consider for a shoot through are flowers, sparkles, glasses, translucent materials, etc. This approach brings a fresh perspective to what would have otherwise been monotonous.

e) Creating a background using a Computer screen

This is another trick that is relatively easy to master. You can use the screen of a tablet if you cannot access a computer. You first power your computer, the content on the screen doesn’t matter because they will be blurred. You might, however, change the background color by selecting screen content with the desired color. Position your screen then your ring. Use something to hold it up at the desired angle. You can use your phone’s flashlight as the primary light as you adjust and focus on the rings. This technique always gives a nice monochrome background.

Every wedding deserves lasting but quality memory.The only way to honor a wedding best is through knowing the best photography tips that showcases and adds some glam to all facets the wedding.

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