Best Video Cutter for Windows 10 Review 2017

Video CutterSay you had a video captured during your recent summer island-hopping adventure, it is a 15-minute-long shot with some unnecessary footages and conversations while you were enjoying the island.  The entire video can be a bit boring, right? So, to keep it more exciting you might want to cut it down, choosing only the best shots. And, to make it more fun to watch, you can perhaps insert a cool sound track to go along with the video.

Video cutting comes handy when you want to cut down long videos or you want to omit unwanted contents included in the video such as unnecessary pauses and extra contents like YouTube and other hosting sites embedded ads. Video cutting also enables you to trim videos should you want to save space in your mobile device or you simply want to save important parts of a downloaded video clip.

Looking for the best video cutter software for Windows 10? Below is our choice of this year’s best video cutter for Windows 10. We have also included easy to follow guides on how to cut video clips. Read on.

Movavi – The Best Video Cutter Software for Windows 10

Movavi makes video editing a breeze. With Movavi, you can enhance your captured videos and turn them into something slick and professional  video production.

Movavi allows you to cut, splice, edit and make alterations on your videos. Got videos with a lot of unnecessary noises in the background? Movavi lets you clean them up, you can improve the quality of the audio sound of your video using the software’s audio editing tools – the Equalizer, Normalizer and Noise Removal. You can also stabilize shaky and blurry video footages and enhance the quality of your videos by adjusting the video colors, fixing your video orientation and using the software’s multiple creative video filter tools. Movavi allows you to split the video and audio tracks. It also allows you to create your own dynamic slideshows and movies. You can choose from a variety of filters, create transition effects, add special effects and animations, insert texts and captions and sync music and sound tracks to the images. Movavi lets you import videos from literally any source and when your video production is ready, you can save it in a range of widely compatible formats – .mpeg, .mov, .avi, .mp4, .divx and so much more.

Movavi Video Editor is a powerful video editing software yet it is comprehensive and so easy to use. All you need to do is drop the files into the timeline and work your imagination – your creativity is the limit!

Here are the key features of the Movavi Video Editing Software

  1. Easy to learn and master software.
  2. No complicated settings, just intuitive dragging and dropping controls.
  3. Import images, movies and clips from any source.
  4. Save your production in a wide range of compatible formats.
  5. More than one hundred creative filters to choose from
  6. Upload music, add your own voiceover and sync in sound tracks.
  7. Share and upload your production easily to Facebook and Youtube

How to Cut Your Video Clips into Parts on Windows 10 Using the Movavi Video Editor:

Step 1: Install the Movavi Video Editor Software.

Simply open the file and follow the installation guidelines.

Step 2: Select the file that you want to work on.

Drop and drag the selected file into the timeline.

Step 3: Remove unwanted and unnecessary video parts.

To do this, move the red marker to the point where you want to trim the video and click the Split button. This should split your video into two parts. Proceed by placing the red marker at the start of your unwanted video part, click the Split button and extend the red marker up to end of your unwanted video part and click the Split button again. This separates the selected video part and simply click on Delete to remove it.

Step 4: Save the edited video.

Click Export, choose from a wide range of video format – .mpeg, .avi .mov and more from the tabs in the upper portion of the pop-up window. Save the new video to your selected destination folder. You can also upload it to your Facebook or YouTube channel using the same Movavi program.

The Top Video Cutting Tools for Windows 10

Here is the list of free easy to use and quality video cutting tools that works best for Windows 10:

1. Free Video Cutter

Free Video Cutter is a free video cutting and splitter tool. It allows you to cut and split videos and create good quality videos in very easy steps. It can work with most video formats too.

2. Moo0 Video Cutting Software

Moo0 Video Cutter is a free and light video cutting software. It takes up less storage and the interface controls and tools are very easy to use even for novice users. It produces quality videos and works very fast without any complicated controls.

3. The Windows Movie Maker

If you think creating movies out of your photos is difficult, think again. Windows Movie Maker is very easy to use and is ideal for beginners. It is free and all you need to do is to import the media you want to use, drag it into the timeline and you can cut or split the videos and add effects. You can then save the videos to a wide range of format, burn it into a CD, publish it to a website and more.

4. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter Software

Gihosoft Video Cutter is clean and secure to use. It is absolutely free and very convenient to use. It allows you to import and cut or edit videos without losing its quality. It features spin buttons and preview functions and sets time range for easy video cutting. It works with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, 2000, Vista and XP. It also supports various video formats such as mpeg, avi, asf, 3GP and so much more.

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