Top 10 Best Canon Video Editing Software

Canon Video Editor SoftwareVideo editing was once a task that was so complicated task that only professionals would dare to attempt it. However, these days anyone can edit videos because it is now as simple as dragging and dropping as well as many of the other features that one used to only be able to get from high-end editing software.  Now, anyone can access these features are found in basic programs.

By reading on, you can see all of our picks for the best options for Canon video editing software. These will range from beginner options to more advanced picks.

1. Movavi Video Editor– Best Overall

This is a program that is perfect for beginners and intermediate users. This software has all of the standard features that are required for video production. You can also find some incredible additional features like slideshow wizard, audio editing tools, and chroma key. It is also efficient, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other similar programs. If you do not need professional features, this is perfect for you.


  • Video editor with full-features like chroma key effects, creative effects and transitions, slideshow builder, and multi-track timeline.
  • Media conversion: 180+ video and audio formats as well as 200 portable device presets.
  • Make faster videos as it is optimized for multi-core processors and CUDA-enabled graphics cards.
  • Useful for video splitting and joining.
  • Ability to save your 2D videos in 3D format.
  • Burn Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and CDs with menus like in Hollywood DVDs.
  • Share files on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and Vimeo


  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Wide array of transitions, titles, and special effects
  • Chroma key
  • Affordable


  • Not quite as advanced as other options

2. AVS Video Editor – Runner up

For those who are new to editing, this is a great option. The tools are incredibly easy to use so that you can make great home movies. With the ability to insert text overlays, images, transitions, audio tracks, PIP (picture-in-picture) effects, you can accomplish great work with it. It also has the ability to do color corrections and adjust white balance, in addition to video effects.


  • Friendly user interface
  • Editing based on timelines
  • Recording video from your PC screen
  • Insert subtitles, text comments, menus, and audio
  • Amazing transitions and video effects
  • Stabilization features
  • Easily share videos in Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube
  • Codec support for wide video


  • Tons of tutorials and video guides to help you learn the software
  • Supports a wide range of formats for your video files


  • Only supports one track
  • Lacks many of the high-end features in other products.

3. Magix Movie Edit Pro– Runner up

As far as consumer-level software goes, this is one of the most intuitive options that you are going to find. Joining together output options and unique performance, there is a lot of flexibility with this software. You can export edited movies to various devices and formats, including PSP, iPad, iPhone, and Nintendo. You will also see automatic wizards for editing audio and video, optimizing image to make video editing fun and easy for users.


  • Beginner mode option
  • Advanced editing features, like stabilization and chroma key
  • Editing multi-cam shots
  • Amazing templates for professional looking trailers, transitions, and effects
  • 3D stereo support
  • Audio dubbing is automatic


  • So many different options for video effects
  • Audio editing tools
  • Motion tracking
  • Good titling tools


  • Lacks organization and import tools
  • Extra costs for some video formats
  • Can be difficult to use

4. Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

Are you someone who wants to do video editing for YouTube? This software is the best one that you can get. It has pretty much every tool and feature that you could possibly need for this. You are going to get stellar production value.

There is also support for 360-degree VR, Ultra HD, 4K, and 3D types of media. These are things that may not be supported by YouTube now, but you will have them if they are. The interface may not be very user friendly but you can learn it pretty quickly.

There are additional features like high-speed effects and slo-mo or any of the other 1500 customizable effects, meaning that anyone can find this software amazing for their needs. This software also allows you to completely customize aspects of your video to truly make an amazing video.

5. Pinnacle Studio

This software is a video editor that is commonly used on Windows devices. This particular model is drastically scaled down from the full version available from the same developer. It has a wide variety of amazing features like timeline-based editing, drag-and-drop editing for HD video, a collection of royalty-free audio, DVD authoring, and free training. Pinnacle studio has long been a reliable video editing choice for Windows users that want an inexpensive but amazing option for their video editing needs.


When you use this program, you are getting a comprehensive software that is used cross-platform that is especially useful for YouTube videos. There is not a lot of flashy features of more commercial video editing software, this can still be an excellent choice for your simpler video editing needs. For non-commercial use, this is free and allows you to easily share for social media sites.

7. iMovie

For Apple devices, iMovie is a popular choice. This can help you do your video editing on any iOS-based device. You will see that this app has so many different and incredible features to make a professional looking video. Thanks to the iMovie Theater feature, you can watch your movies on your Apple TV and help you to fine toon your clips.

8. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free option that you can get for your Windows devices. Users are able to make videos just by simply dragging and dropping your clips. There are such great features like video transitions, video effects, audio tracks, video effects, auto movie, and adding credits and titles. New effects and transitions are even able to be added while modifications by XML code can be used for existing ones.

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