How do YouTubers Edit Their Videos

YoutubersUnlike television, Youtube is a place where anyone can post their videos; from simple clips filmed from their phones, to slick, high production value shows. How these are edited largely depends on the type of video made and the quality of the content. There are many editing tools a Youtuber can use; some only require simple editing features, such as cutting together short videos, while others want to go into more depth; utilising colour grading, detailed audio synching, on-screen graphics or even simple CGI. The choices of software to use are huge and can go from very simple free downloadable editing programs, to high end professional editing software, such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut or Avid. In this article, I’ll be exploring some of the different programs available for you to choose when creating your Youtube content.

Entry Level Video Editing Software

We all have to start somewhere and jumping directly to the high end programs if you are starting out would be a mistake. You need to learn the basics of editing before you go forward; take it step by step. What you want from your entry level software is to be able to trim your videos, connect separate video clips, add transitions, create a basic title screen and use a small amount of audio. When using entry level software, many times you’ll find you are unable to trim in the middle of the clip and your titles will be extremely basic. These features won’t win you an oscar, but for short, fun videos you want to create and share with your friends, this is all you need. Think of all the homemade videos you’ve seen that have gone viral, many are not of the highest quality, but are extremely popular.

Two examples of entry level video editing software you can try are the easy Movie Maker, which is free through the Windows 10 app store, and Apples version called iMovie, which is also free.

Intermediate Level Video Editing Software

If you are wanting to raise your editing level and increase the quality of your videos, then you should think about moving up to intermediate level editing software. You will have to start paying for these, although there are free downloadable versions, just without all the features. These two examples of editing software are perfect for those wanting to make youtube a more serious hobby or even going semi-professional, and will give you a good grounding for when you want to move onto the next level and purchase professional editing software.

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi is probably the best intermediate level editing program out there. Everything you could possible want, to make high quality youtube videos, Movavi will provide on its premium version. There is a free downloadable version you can try, but this will limit the features you can use.

What makes Movavi so good to use is the interface is simple and easy to understand. When you get into professional level editing software, there are so many options it can be hard to do even simple actions. Very quickly you’ll be able to master software and begin editing your videos like a pro.

There are a ton of excellent features with the Movavi, including a video converter that boasts supporting over 180 different media formats. You’ll easily be able to make slideshows, choose from a large range of transitions, use audio effects and much more. With the Movavi Video Suite, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert on capturing, editing and sharing your videos.


AVS Video Editor

The AVS Video Editor is a great option for you to take when going a little more serious with your editing. If using Windows 10, AVS is a simple to use and affordable program that will give you many more features and tools than the basic Movie Maker type programs. Here are some of the its features.

It will be able to process and format your videos into almost any file type, include AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV. It will even process the final video in 4K Ultra HD if you desire. You also get a far greater range of editing tools than basic level programs. Trim, merge, rotate and cut all with great accuracy and precision. You will also find you have a larger selection of transitions and effects to play with, for video, as well as audio. On top of all this you can create amazing slideshows, create blu-ray videos and it will even allow you to transfer video from cameras using VHS, DV/HDV and even webcams.

The AVS Video Editor is a good beginner to intermediate level editing program. It won’t give you quite the level of features as a professional level program, but then it is also a lot cheaper to buy the professional versions. Check out the AVS Video Editor and take your youtube videos to the next level.

Professional Level Video Editing Software

If you are thinking of going professional and making high quality Youtube videos that will look equal to the biggest names on the channel, then unfortunately, you are going to have to pay for it.

Programs such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer or Sony Vegas Pro are all professional level editing programs that were used to make many well known Hollywood films. These programs are industry standard and so if you are new to video editing, these would be a waste of money. But if you have been editing for a number of years and want to take you videos to a higher level, it’s time to start saving. All these programs offer a huge range of features that allow you to do almost anything with your videos. Adobes Premiere Pro for example, is an excellent video editor and if you can afford it, it is worth getting the entire Abode package, which can include Photoshop, After Effects and Speed Grade. With these apps, over time you’ll literally be able to do anything to your videos. Including 3D effects, high quality and detailed colour grading, masking and blurring, intricate titles, animations and much more.

Making A Youtube Video With Movavi

For those wondering how to actually work some of these programs. Here is a simple guide to using Movavi.

Step 1:The first step is to decide what type of video you are making. With Movavi you have the ability to create videos from clips you already have stored on any of your devices. You can also create slideshows from photos or videos. You can make video tutorials by capturing video from the screen and can even record yourself with a webcam.

Step 2:Once you have done this, improve your video with a range of features. Camera stabilisers, colour settings, sharpen or blur your videos, as well as cut and join clips and link them together with a great range of transitions.

Step 3:With Movavi you get an impressive range of more than 80 video effects. Using these will give your videos a whole new edge and will also be fun to play with.

Step 4:The next step to making a high quality video is to not only think about the look, but the sound as well. Include background music and sound effects from almost any format. Movavi also has a large range of audio effects for you to use, as well as over 100 fonts to make slick titles with.

Step 5:And finally it is time to save. Export your file in the format of your choosing. Movavi has a range of presets for you to select from. You are now ready to show your videos to the world. Enjoy.

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