How to Add Music to Your Videos Using Windows 10

add music to your videosFinding the right music for your video is an important part of video making. Good music can heighten the video you have made or even take it to another place entirely. There are many ways you can put music onto your video through a variety of different programs. For making basic videos and adding music to them on Windows 10, you do not need high-end professional level editing programs. In this article I’ll be going over three different options and how to use them to put music onto your videos.

Using MP3Care

Mp3care is by far the most simple method of adding music to your videos. The free online application doesn’t require downloading, so can be used anytime by going to their webpage. The downside to this is you do not have much control over the finished product. Mp3care will place any music over your video file; if there is sound already on the file, it will automatically replace that music with the new you have selected. Mp3care works for a number of different audio file types, including, mkv, avi, flv, mp4, mov and wmv. The pros of this program is that all you need is working internet and a browser. The downside is that it doesn’t allow you more features. The program is excellent for short, home made videos that you want music on. Simple, basic and effective. Here’s how it works.


Step 1:Press the button that says “Select Video File”. Accepted files are (.avi, mkv,.mp4, .wmv, mov).

Step 2:The next step is to choose your audio file you want to add to the video. Do this by pressing the “Select Audio File” button.

Step 3:After you have chosen your video and audio files, press the “Add Music to video” button and your done!

Using AVS Video Editor

A slightly more advanced program than Mp3care, yet simple for beginners to video editing. AVS does require downloading, but costs nothing. With this you are able perform many more tasks that the Mp3care option. Some of the features include Importing existing audio files to your video, record yourself using a microphone and even apply a range of audio effects to your music. Here’s how to use AVS video editor to add music to your video.

Step 1:In the Media Library, right-click your video and choose the “Add to Main Video” option. This will add your video to the main timeline.

Step 2:For the music, do the same as step one. From the Media Library, choose your audio file, right-click and choose the “Add to Audio Mix” option. You have now added both your video and chosen audio to the timeline.

Step 3:To change the length of the audio in order for it to fit to your video clip, click the right end of the track and drag it to the left. This will decrease the track. You can also click on the left side and drag to the right. By doing this you can adjust your music to where you want.

Step 4:You can also drag the audio track left or right as a whole, by simply clicking on the main body of the track. Do this to change the position of track if you want the music in a specific place.

Step 5:To add more than one audio track to your video, right-click on the audio mix line and choose the “Add Line” option from the menu that has appeared.

Once you have added all the audio you wish to have on your video, you are free to add any effects you wish to put onto the music.

Using Movavi Video Editor

Like the AVS video editor, Movavi is a program that is downloaded from the internet onto your computer. It allows you greater audio features than the Mp3care option, but not as many as more expensive editing programs. If you are using Windows 10, this is a good option to take for high quality editing. It can be used for adding music to anything from youtube videos, to smartphone videos. You can select audio files in MP3, WMA, OGG, or FLAC and add them to your video files. You can also add audio effects to your audio; taking your video to a whole new level. Here’s how to do this on Windows 10.

Step 1:Install the Movavi video editor onto your computer and follow the installation instructions.

This is simple and quick.

Step 2:Once you have finished the installation process, click on the icon that has appeared and launch the program and choose the “Create project in full feature mode” option. Once your new project is open, click on the “Add Media Files” option. Here you will be able to choose the video and audio files you wish to use, which will then be added to the timeline.

Notice the video and audio files are placed automatically onto separate lines.

Step 3:Adjusting your audio to the video is simple and can be done in a couple of different ways depending on the audio track. If it is too long for the video, use the red marker and hover it over the start of the section you wish to delete. Press the “Split” button, which will cut the audio in two. Alternatively, you can also double up the audio track and place them side by side.

Step 4:Once your have gotten your audio to where you would like it with the video, it’s time to save. Do this by clicking the “Export” option. Here you will be able to choose the format you wish to export your video to, or choose from the presets. After this, pick a name for your file and where you wish to save it to and press “Start”. You have now added audio to your video.

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