How to Fix a Blurry Video

Blurry VideoYou’ve captured the most amazing pictures on video and you’re looking forward to sharing it with friends and family. For the first few minutes, there are oohs and aaahs everywhere but suddenly the pictures become blurry and smudged and that can be very frustrating, especially when you’re considered the video expert in the house. Not to worry- the blurs can be fixed.

Let’s see what causes the videos to blurry

If you happen to have a slow Internet connection speed, limited bandwidth or if there is high Internet traffic, the quality of video degrades. Sometimes when fast- moving objects are captured with a video camera, the sharp details are lost and the edges become smudged and blurry. Wrong focus, incorrect resolution, shallow depth of field, problem with video compression are also factors that contribute to audio and video blurring.

Here’s how to fix a blurry video

Using software program such as AVS Video Editor, vReveal or Movavi video suite, the blurry video can be unblurred. However, don’t expect a sharp, detailed shoot- what you can expect though is that the pictures are brought back into focus and are clearer than before.

Movavi Video Suite

This is a simple and easy-to-use video editing software program that helps your produce quality videos within few hours. It may not be feature rich or very sophisticated, but if you want to produce a simple good-looking home video, it’s about the best software that you can get. With a clear interface, simple and easily navigable layout, fast video editing speed, it’s great for beginners.

The Movavi video suite has the capacity to capture video from TV-tuners, DV cameras and provides broad support for audio and video formats. With its ability to offer support for more than 200 portable devices, support video transfer between more than 170 media formats and provide for easy upload of videos, it’s no surprise that the Movavi Video Suite is favored by many. When it comes to editing of videos and sharing of videos, this video suite is very user-friendly and simple to use.

The much touted Movavi video suite has been used successfully to fix blurry and smudgy video. The Sharpen filter in the suite is used to make images more detailed by getting rid of motion distortions and increasing the contrast of pixels that are adjacent. Let’s see how we can apply this filter.

How to Fix Blurry Footages with Movavi Video Suite?

1. Launch the program

in the full feature mode and depress the Add Media Files button.Add Your Video File

Once the list of files appear, select the video that you want to fix. You can also click on the file and drag it onto your working space.

2. Select the Sharpen Filter

When you open the filters tab, you get a list of filters available- drag the one you want onto the video that’s to be unblurred.Use Filters and Tools

Once that’s done, export the file in the format you want.Name the folder to where it’s to be exported and give a name to the file. Now you’re ready to get that video cleaned up- so begin the process by clicking on Start. In a very short time, the video is cleaned and cleared up.

The same effect can be achieved using the AVS Video Editor by using the ‘Sharpen’ effect

AVS Video Editor

The Sharpen Effect in AVS Video Editor also helps to sharpen video by increasing the contrast of adjacent pixels.

1.  Add your video file

Click on File and select the video that needs to be edited. Once that is done, click on the ‘Video Effects tab’ and select the ‘Effect’ group from the available effects.

2. Apply Sharpen Filter

Locate the ‘Sharpen’ effect and right-click on it.

You will come up with a single option ‘Add or Replace video Effect. Select this. Now it will be visible on the timeline.

3. Select the effect application area

Identify the area to which the effect is to be applied. If the whole video is blurred, then the effect has to be applied entirely, else restrict it to the area of blurring. In both cases it is essential to specify the ‘duration’ of the file or part file- as the case may be.

4. Set Duration

To set the ‘duration’, depress the ‘duration button’ above the timeline. Take a look at the Preview Area on the right hand side to find out the duration of the file that’s being edited. Indicate this value in the ‘duration window’. The same procedure is to be carried out to find out the duration when only part of the file is being edited. Here you would need to use the cursor to identify the beginning and end of the blurred portion. Direct the cursor to the edge where the blurred area begins and keeping the button depressed, take a look at the Preview Area. Repeat the process for the end of the blurred area. The Zoom slider can be also be used to find out the duration.

5. Adjust the sharpening level

Open the ‘Video Effects’ window. Depending on the extent to which you want the video sharpened, you can set the ‘level’. Also from the dropdown list, select the area to which the ‘Sharpen’ effect is to be applied. If you want to have a ‘Fade’ effect, then click the mouse on a space within the blue bar that appears. The ‘Fade-in’ area is marked. Click the mouse in another place and drag the button to set a ‘Fade-out’ area.

6. Playback the file

Preview the now altered file to ensure whether the ‘Sharpen’ effect has been applied correctly and start playing the file by depressing the button in the preview area. If you are satisfied with the end result, click ‘OK’, accept the changes, close the ‘Video Effects’ window and save the edited file in one of the accepted formats.

Your blurred video is now clean and clear, thanks to some great software editing programs like Movavi-Video-Suite and AVS Video Editor. Using these programs is almost child’s play and the results are bound to exceed your expectations.

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