How to make a Slideshow for Facebook

Slideshow for FacebookWith its millions of users Facebook is arguably the most successful social media company of all time. It is a great way of keeping in contact with friends and sharing your life with others. If you would like an interesting way of increasing the amount of comments and likes you get through the site, a slideshow of your photos is a great way of doing this. Instead of just a simple album, create themed slideshows and impress your friends with what you have been up to. In this article, I’ll be going over how you can create memorable slideshows for the use on Facebook.

Using Movavi Slideshow Maker

The Movavi Slideshow Maker is an easy to use app that has a range of excellent features that will give you the ability to turn your photos and videos into slideshows. Simple and quick, with Movavi you’ll be able to set yourself apart on social media. It’s a very easy to use program, that is quick to learn.

Step 1:The first step to take is to download the program. This is simple and fast. Once you have downloaded Movavi, run the installation process, which should appear on the screen. Follow the setup instructions and you’ll be ready to start.

Step 2:The next step is to decide which mode you wish to work in. Once you have the launched the program, you’ll be see a welcome window appear asking which mode you wish to use. Easy mode will allow you to quickly make a slideshow, as well as include music and transitions. If you require a little more, such as video, titles or special effects, choose the full feature mode. This will give you access to more.

Step 3:So it’s now time to make your slideshow. The first action to take on this is to choose which photos you are wanting to include into your slideshow. Press the +Files or +Folders. Select your photos and upload them into the working area. Here you’ll be able to move them into the order you want, as well as rotate or remove the photos, and increase or decrease their duration.

After this, you can also begin to include transitions. By clicking on the second tab, you’ll have access to all the provided transition styles that you can use to make your slideshow flow. If you do not want any fades or transitions, you can easily choose not to. You can also adjust the speed of the transitions chosen.

Once completed, add your music from the third tab and press +Audio. Here you’ll be able to select any audio tracks you wish to play over the slideshow. Alternatively, you can also choose from a selection of built-in tracks through the program. Synch your music to the slideshow and then click the Yes button. Click finish once you are completely happy with your slideshow.

Step 4:When you are ready to save your slideshow. Click Export and you’ll see another window appear. Here you can choose in which format you wish to save your slideshow as. Pick from the preset list and press start. Your slideshow will begin to process. You now have a wonderful new slideshow to share on social media.

Using Animoto

Growing in popularity, Animoto as been gaining recognition recently through being mentioned in a variety of well known publications and on well established websites. Simple to use, Animoto auto-generates slideshows for you. Making the entire process simple and quick. In just a few steps you’ll have amazing slideshows made from your photos to share on Facebook. Here’s how it can be done.

Step 1:The first step to making awesome slideshows with Animoto is to sign up to their service. This can be done by giving your first name, email and a password, or alternatively you can sign up by using your Facebook account.

Step 2:So you have signed up and now logged in. You’re ready to start making a slideshow. To start, click on the Create button and choose which video style you wish to use. These can be either Personal, Business, Education, or Photography. Choose which one will suit your slideshow best. The style can also be changed later if you are unsure which to choose.

Step 3:You are now ready to choose the photos or videos you wish to use for your slideshow. Click the “Add Pics & Vids” option. This will allow you to choose your content from a variety of sources, including your desktop and from your Facebook account, as well as many other social media platforms.

Choosing which photos to use can be hard if you are trying this for the first time. One suggestion is to use an album from Facebook, since this is an easy place to find photos that link together. The great thing with Animoto is that you can easily synch it with your Facebook, so finding all your photos is quick and easy.

Step 4:Now you have chosen which photos to turn into a memorable slideshow and have imported them onto Animoto, it’s now time to organise them. Reordering your photos is extremely easy. Simply click and drag them into the order you think will best suit the slideshow. You can also hover over the images and click, which will allow you to add text to the photos, giving you the chance to tell the story of your photos in greater detail.

Step 5:You are now almost done. Check your slideshow works by pressing the Preview Video option. Here you’ll be able to see what the final video will look like. If you are happy, press Produce, to complete the process. You will also be able to add a title to the slideshow, as well as any credits for people who are featured in your photos.

Step 6:You slideshow is complete. Click the Facebook button, this will take you to a pop-up window where you can share your new creation with all your friends.

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