How to Make a Slideshow for Youtube

Slideshow for YoutubeUploading videos to Youtube is a great way of sharing your life with your loved ones; finding new and creative ways of doing this can be extremely fun. Creating slideshow videos from your photo collection is a wonderful way of sharing your experiences in an different way. In this article, i’ll be going over how you can easily turn your photos into interesting and fun slideshow videos for Youtube.

Using the Movavi Slideshow Maker

The Movavi Slideshow Maker is arguably the best product of its kind on the market. Movavi have created a program that is simple and has a user friendly interface. Movavi can be used through Windows 10 or Mac OSX, so is available to many people. If you want an easy solution to creating slideshows, then this is what you are looking for.

With the Movavi Slideshow Maker, it literally only takes minutes for you to complete impressive slideshows to impress your friends. You can even add transitions and effects, as well as music to your slideshows, making them personal and memorable.

You don’t need to be an expert in this software to use it. Here’s how you can do it in a few easy steps.

Step 1:The first step is to install the software onto your computer. Once you have downloaded Movavi, follow the on-screen setup instructions.

Step 2:To get started, you have two options for slideshows. Choosing to “Create Slideshow” in “Easy Mode” is the simplest way and is ideal for beginners. Meanwhile, selecting “Create Project” in “Full Feature Mode” will allow you access to many more features and is the option to take if you are more experienced at video making.

Step 3:So it’s time to create your slideshow. Add photos by pressing either “+Files” or “+Folders”. Which one you choose depends if you want individual files, or require choosing an entire folder of photos. Once you have chosen your images, you will be able to rearrange their order by dragging them. You will also be able to adjust the slide duration.

Step 4:In the window you are currently in, you’ll see a second tab down on the left hand side. Click this; you can now add transitions and effects to your images. Movavi has an impressive selection for you to use and are separated into different categories; Crossfade, Simple, Geometric, Artistic or Random transitions.

Step 5:The third tab down will take you to the audio options page. Here you can import your favourite tracks to your slideshow. Press the “+Audio” button to search for your audio files. You can synch your music to your slides by pressing “Yes” and then changing the minimum slide duration. Once you are happy, press “Finish” and your slideshow will take shape. All that is left to do now is export it into any format your require and it is ready for sharing. You can even post it directly to Youtube from Movavi!

Using MacX Video Converter Pro

As a great alternative to Movavi, the MacX Video Converter Pro is another excellent program that will allow you to turn your photos into amazing video slideshows. Extremely easy to use; you’ll be able to create your slideshows in only a few clicks. Here’s how it can be done.

Step 1:The first step to take is to download the program. One of the benefits of this is that it is completely free. Once you have installed the MacX program, click the “Add Photos” option. It should be noted for this program, it is easier to place all the photos you want to use into a new folder and arrange them to the sequence you want them to be shown. You will then be able to simply choose the entire folder, rather than individual photos, and the slideshow will be half complete already.

Step 2:For making a slideshow for Youtube, the MacX Video Converter has made it extremely easy for you. Click the “Youtube Video” option to convert your files into easily readable formats, such as MPEG 4, MP4 or FLV.

Step 3:After you have done this, on the main interface press the “Edit” button. You will now be able to include music to your slideshow. Select the “Add Music” option and choose from the excellent selection of tracks the software supplies for you. You will also be able to reorder the photos at this point, as well as add additional images or delete ones you no longer want. Once you are happy with video, press the “Run” button to begin the process of creating and saving your slideshow.

Step 4:You have now made your slideshow. All that is left is to upload it to Youtube and share it with your friends, family, and if your desire, the world.

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