How to Make a Thug Life Video

Thug LifeThug Life is currently one of the most viral trends on the Internet which you often saw on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram videos etc. Thug Life basically is used in video when someone shows their cool attitude or people do funny things that isn’t normally done on this planet.

Do you want to create your own thug life video like all those funny thug life videos with gangstar music and black glasses and weed joint?  Here are three easy steps to make your own thug life video in less than 30 minutes.

Part1. Get Footage for Your thug life Video

The very first step in making a thug life video is, of course, to have footage. This includes:

  1. Some thug life images/photos which will be overlaid to your video later
  2. Video footages
  3. Background music/song

Let’s see how to go about that

Where to Look For Free Thug life images

If the video is just for fun and will be shared with your friends/family only, and won’t be published on any public websites like YouTube or Facebook, then just feel free to use images from Google image or other online website.

Note: Make sure to download .png file instead of .jpg etc. If it’s for public use, Make sure that the video content is yours and not owned by someone else. YouTube has a process that’s put into place when you upload content to make sure it doesn’t violate known copyrights, so does Facebook etc.

A good place to download free thug life images is a website called They have collected some of the best collection of Thug Life PNG images which can help you to make a viral video. These free icons and png images can be used for art projects, presentations and can be downloaded for free. Just remember to link to thug life png page for attribution!thug-life-png


Thug Life Songs

Most of the songs played in the “Thug Life” videos are sung by popular artists  such as Nate Dogg, Outlawz and Snoop Dogg,.  The socially conscious rappers spoke about things which happened in the inner cities and made people aware of the problems that triggered a sense of hopelessness in the hearts of the many people who resided there. The rap hit “Cradle to the Grave, “Pour out a Little Liquor” and the highly reflective “How Long Will They Mourn Me?” featuring Nate Dogg are favorite songs.

You can download all Thug Life songs from this link.

You can choose whatever you like from the selection and use it in your video clip. For background music and audios you can access whatever sounds or vocals that you want from here.

  2. free sounds to download instantly in mp3 or original WAV file format.
  3. offers free sound effects that you can download and use for your videos. Sounds are from different categories like beep sound effects, vehicle sound effects, sport sound effects and many more for easy browsing.

Video clips

These should be available on your PC or camera- remember it can just be a home movie that you shot along with your family, a commercial that you made or a collection of photos that you can make a movie of. Even a downloaded YouTube video that you have on your computer will suffice for the purpose. However, if you mean to upload you Thug Life Video onto the Internet, you should ensure that you don’t infringe You Tube Video copyrights. If it’s only for home use, then there’s no problem.

Certain websites offer free video clips and a great resource for free stock images, free stock vectors and free stock videos

  1. Freestock- collections of free corporate video shots, free travel and nature clips and more
  2. Freepik- this has even free PSD images that you can animate
  3. Pexels Video- clips are totally free, HD under the creative commons zero license.
  4. Creators– 10,000 Amazing Film Clips for Free in a Public Domain Database

Now that your video clips are ready, you need to spice them up with background music and songs, for after all music is the way of the world and an integral part of any video.

Part2. Best Tool to Help You Make Thug-life Videos: Movavi Video Suite

While you can do some simple video editing work in some free apps like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker etc. there are plenty of apps for producing quick, good-looking videos for different occasions and in a short span of time. I highly recommended giving the Movavi Video Suite a try.

The Movavi Video Suite is a video making software that helps you create a movie using video clips that are stored on your camera, PC or even your smartphone. You can create slideshows, improve video quality, join individual clips, cut out the extraneous, add music and sound effects, tweak settings and much more in just 30 minutes. You can even save your Thug Life Video, store it and watch whenever you feel like it.

The main advantage of using this suite is that anyone can make these even if they have no experience. You can even add music, add text apply visual effects- to make your Thug Life video look really life-like.

Let’s see how to create a professional looking Thug Life Video using this video suite

Part3. Edit Your thug life Video

1. Install your Movavi Video Suite

First you would need to install the Movavi Video Suite and launch the program. When the program opens, you would need to click on the “Add Media Files” icon and drag it onto the timeline that’s displayed. Simultaneously drag your file from the folder onto the timeline.

You will see a red marker along the video clip- use this to locate the exact spot where you want to split the video. Once that’s done, click the “Split” icon that’s displayed. Delete the portion of the video that you don’t want by either selecting the Delete button or choosing it from the context menu (when you right-click).

2. Add background music and sound effects

Now you’re ready to add some sound and music to your clip. You need to go back to “Add Media Files” and after selecting the music file that you want to add to the video, upload it. Once the music file is available, drag it onto the Timeline. Now these will appear on the Audio track while the video clip will be on the Video track.

The video and audio tracks need to be of the same length. In case the music file is longer than the video, you need to cut it short. The red marker will help you do that- when you move the red marker to the end of the video, use the “Split” button to snip the music file. Now the video and music file are of the same length. In case the video happens to be longer, increase the length of the music file by doubling it or trebling it – as required- and copy the files alongside each other on the same track.

Vary audio volume and playback speed, equalize sound, and apply fade V in/out effects. Maybe you can even record your own voice using the microphone.

3. Adding Thug life image overlay to the video

As you did in the first two steps, click on “Add Media Files” and import all the thug life images so that they are visible in the media library. Choose your Thug Life Image and drag it onto the overlay video track. Look at the “preview window” and adjust the size of the image to suit your taste. Add more overlay by repeating the procedure till you’re satisfied. This link below will help you.

4. Add text

You’re almost done now- Use the “Titles” tab to see all available caption styles for your video subtitles. In case you’re not sure as to what’s best, preview each of them in the Media Player Window by clicking on the icons- one by one. Once you’re satisfied, drag that particular style to the timeline and position it to your liking. Spice it up with some with some animated text and make the backgrounds look colorful

Now double-click the title on the timeline, next double-click the text in the preview window and either paste or type in the text. Position the caption along the video frame to make it as legible as possible. The video below should help you.

Your Thug File video is ready. Now you can save it in any popular video or audio format and watch it on your computer or laptop and view it whenever you want.

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