How to Make a Video Black and White

With the advances in photography technology and introduction of color photography in the 1970’s, few photos or videos have been shot in black and white these days. Filmmakers use black and white videos only to show something nostalgic or some past events.  Prominent filmmakers sometimes use yesteryear’s camera or lens to shoot scenes in black and white.

But if a layman needs to shoot videos or convert videos in black and white then that can be easily done by using video editing software available online. Some of the popular video editing software’s are Movavi video editor, AVS video editor and windows movie maker. Here is the step by step guide to make a color video to black and white using these software.

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Movavi Video Editor

A powerful video editor, Movavi is equally good for beginners and professionals. It has an extensive range of video effects and some special effects like “Film grain”, “frame shaking” etc. This software works on any OS platform. The videos can be saved in a variety of formats after editing them. They can even be exported to phones or tabs. Video clips can be imported from various social media sites. It has a simple drag and drop feature which makes it fun to use for beginners. Movavi also supports 4K videos for professionals dealing with this kind of resolution. Its dozen or so features include stabilizing footage, tilt shift, equalizer and noise removal.

How to make a video black and white using Movavi video editor

1. Download the editor

Download the Movavi editor from site. Though the full version of the software will cost money, you can still download a basic version of the software and try it. After downloading use the setup file to install the software. Once the installation is complete you can start using the software for editing or converting video files.

2. Add files

Start the program and select create project. You can add the files that you need to convert by either dragging and dropping them or using the Add files button.

Add the Files

3. Apply effects

In order to convert the video to black and white you will need to apply effects on the file. You can do this by going to the filters tab and selecting the effect of your choice.Add the Files

Effects are grouped together under various themes. Black and white effect can be found under the Retro theme. Under the retro section there is a collection of effects called old movie. In this collection there are different styles available. Some of the styles available are Sepia, Vignette, grayscale and retro. Select the style of your choice and you can see its effect on the video in the preview window. You can also apply other effects on the video.

Effects can be applied by dragging and dropping them on the video. If you want to delete some applied effect you can do so by clicking the star icon on the clip and selecting and removing unwanted effects.

4. Save the video

Once your video has been converted in the style you want, you can save the video in an appropriate format. Youhave the following 3 options:

  1. To save it on the computer use,“save as video”.
  2. To export it to another device like mobile or tab use, “for apple/android” option.
  3. To upload it on YouTube use, “upload online”.Save the Video in an Appropriate Format

After selecting one of the three options, you can type the filename, choose the format and destination folder and click start.

AVS Video Editor

It is easy-to-use software for beginners. Many visual effects, titles, audio and music can be added to the video. In order to convert a video to black and white you need to apply the old movie effect to the video. The final video will have scratches, some noise, shake and dust, so that when you watch the video you will feel as if you are watching it on an old projector.

How to make a video black and white using AVS video editor

1.  Select and add effect to the timeline

Go to the main window of the editor and select the video effects button. All the effects will be displayed. Then select special group option from the left pane. Once you find the old movie effect displayed, add it to the timeline. In order to add it you will need to right click on it and choose “add or replace video effect”. This will display the effect on the timeline.add it to the timeline

2. Set the application area

You can either apply the effect to the entire video file or to a part of it.

To set the duration for the effect, press the duration button above the timeline.

In order to know the duration of the video you can see it in the preview area on the right hand side. Once you know the duration, you can enter it on the duration pop up box.

3. Change the properties of the effect if required

Sometimes you might want to edit the properties of the effect as per your specific requirement. You can do that by clicking the edit effect button. Here you can change the artifact(film damage hair, dust and specks), scratch quantity, jitter level, brightness and contrast values.

4. Play the video to check its correctness

You can play the video and check if all the changes have been applied correctly. Once you are satisfied you can save the file and close the editor.

Windows movie maker

Windows movie maker is a simple tool which is available free of cost. Though it does not have a wide range of features like the Movavi editor, it still has some basic features that you can work with. It can be used for adding captions or music to the video or splitting the video.

How to make a video black and white using Windows movie maker

  • Add videos and photos to the movie maker. They will open in the viewer automatically.
  • You can convert your color footage to black and white by choosing “black and white” option in the “visual effects” tab.
  • Once your video is converted you can save it.

It is quite easy to convert the videos and that also at no cost. The only drawback is its lack of variety of features and supporting document.

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