How to Make a Video with Photos and Music

Have you ever watched a youtube video and wondered how it’s all done? Putting together a simple video is actually an easy process. There are many editing programs out there; from extremely expensive professional level programs, to those designed for beginners or those on a smaller budget. To make a truly memorable video to share with your friends and family, all that is really required are photos to use, some music and some basic editing software. In this simple guide, i’ll show you two extremely easy ways you can achieve this using software from Movavi.

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Using the Movavi Slideshow Maker:

The Movavi Slideshow Maker is one of the best programs on the market. With this you can easily take your photos and put them together to form a memorable video. You can even add effects and transitions to your images, enhancing them to a professional level. On top of this, you can also add music and text to your videos. The process is extremely simple to do. If you are looking for an easy way to create amazing videos from your photo collection, here’s how in a few easy steps.

Step 1:To begin with download and install the program. Simply follow the setup instructions that appear on screen and you’ll be ready to start.

Step 2:After this it is time to select the mode you want to work in. To make slideshows quickly with music and transitions, choose easy mode. To have access to all programs features, choose the full feature mode.

Step 3:You are now ready to create the slideshow. The step is to select which images you are going to use in your video. To upload them to the program, do this, Press the +Files or +Folders; select depending if you want to choose individual files or entire folders. Here you can change the order of the photos,add more, remove, increase duration etc

Step 4:Once the images are in the correct order, you can now add transitions. Go to the second tab down and you’ll be able to choose from all the built-in transitions. You can also choose not to have any transitions if you want by clicking “No Transitions”. Once finished, choose your audio from the 3rd tab and press +Audio. Choose which audio tracks will best suit your video and upload them. Alternatively, there are a number of tracks already built-in to the program for you to choose. Now it is time to Sync your music to the video. Do this by clicking the “Yes” button and changing the minimum slide duration. Press finish when done.

Step 5:You’re video is from photos and music is now finished. So to save, click “Export” and choose the slidshow format. Choose from the preset list, making it easier, you can also choose options that are best suited to what it is you are doing; mobile devices or uploading to youtube. Press the “Start” button when you are happy.

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