How to Trim Videos on Windows 10:3 Easiest Ways

video trimThere are many video editing programs out there that you can use for basic video editing. You do not need expensive editing software for many of the simple videos you will want to create. From fun home videos for yourself to creating your own videos for a youtube channel; getting a video perfect takes time and often there are small amounts of footage you wish to trim off. Windows 10 is perfectly set up for this task. In this article I’ll be going over, step-by-step, three ways you can easily trim your videos through three different programs on Windows 10 and end up with seamless videos.

Using Movavi Video Editor

Like the AVS editor, Movavi is another easy to use and simple video editing program that allows you a good range of editing tools for your videos. For trimming videos, here’s how you can use it.

Step 1: So you have successfully downloaded and installed the Movavi program onto your Windows 10 computer. Launch the program to begin, by clicking on the icon on your desktop and press the add media files button when it has finished launching. Find the video you wish to trim and click.

Step 2: Once your video is on the timeline, move the red marker over the clip to find the point where you wish to trim. Once you are happy, press the Split button. You have now split your video into two parts and can delete the unwanted section.

Do this as many times as you wish until you have trimmed all sections of the video you no longer want.

Step 3: So you have successfully trimmed your video. To save the clip, press the Export button. A window will appear in which you can choose the format you require from a number of preset options. Choose your files name and where you wish it to save to and press the Start Button. You’re done!

Using AVS Editor

As an alternative, you can also use the AVS editor to trim your videos. As well as trimming, this has many other video editing features. for you to use. This program will give you more freedom in editing if you require more. For trimming a video, here’s how it’s done.

Step 1:So you have opened the editing program and have imported your video file into it. You should see your file on the timeline. Left-click this to highlight and select. After this, press the Trim button on the above menu bar.

Step 2:A window should appear. From here place the cursor where you want the video to be trimmed and press Mark In. After this, do exactly the same, but placing it at the end and press Mark Out.

These markers show where your video will start and end after you have trimmed, so ensure you have placed the cursors exactly where you want them to be.

Step 3:To ensure precise trimming, use the Next and previous Scene buttons to find the next and previous scenes or the Next Frame and Previous Frame buttons if you want to move through the video move frame-by-frame.

Alternatively you can also set precise time values within the End/Start time fields, which are found on the right of the screen.

Step 4:Once you are happy with where you have trimmed, don’t forget to press OK button to save the changes you have made.

Alternative: Manually trim from the timeline:

It is also possible to trim sections from within your video, rather than just from the start and end points.

To do this; from the timeline using your slider, find the starting place in your clip you wish to delete and press the Split button. Do the same again to find the end of the section you wish to delete. To ensure you are deleting the right section, use the preview window to check.

Once you have deleted sections of your video clip, you can now use transitions between the remaining scenes.

Using Windows 10 Photos

Microsoft’s built-in program is an effective way to trim your videos, as well as store and edit your photos. It should be noted as well that Photos is not a fully functioning editing tool, as it is mainly aimed towards photo storage and editing. If you require further editing of your video, you should import it into another program. But if all you require is simple trimming, then Windows 10 Photos will do the job effectively. Here’s how.

Step 1:The first simple step is to find the video file you wish to trim. Once you have located where this file is, Right-Click on the file and move your cursor to the Open With>Photos option.

You can also, alternatively, open the Photos app from the start menu. From inside the app, you’ll be able to scroll through and find your video file as well, although the first method is probably quicker.

Step 2:So your video is now open in the photos app. Click on the video and you should be able to see a menu bar come across the video. Next to the Trash icon, you’ll find the icon for Trim; click this.

Step 3:You’ll now see three circles on a slider. The smaller two of theses are the start and end points for your clip, so by moving these, you are trimming off sections from the beginning or the end of your video. The larger of the circles tells you which section of the video you are looking at. Move this around to check that you have trimmed where you want and haven’t missed anything out.

Step 4:Now that you have trimmed, click the floppy disk icon to save your new video.

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