The Best Video Editor for Travel Videos

Travel VideoIf you are a fan of travelling then you will surely agree that a good video camera is sort of a must have. It might be small but it comes in very handy in documenting every step of the travel experience but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Think of it this way, you have those well shot pictures or videos but then you may also want to add a few touches to them just to get ‘perfect’. Well, in that case, you need a very good video editing tool that will help you put the icing on the cake. Talking of a top draw editors, which video editor can you use for your travel videos? Well, this article will review some of the best video editors you can use to make those travel videos as scintillating as you fancy!

In fact, we are going to dig deeper on:

Video Editing Tips for Travelers

For starters, let’s look into some of the features you ought to know on if you are to make your videos look good. Don’t get scared though, you do not need to master all the jargon in the realm of professional video editing!

1.  Trimming

The first feature you will have to get a grasp of is the trim feature of your editor. This is the magic tool that lets you crop off those parts in your videos you might deem unfit or those shots that sort of spoiled the video.  You will thus have to ensure the video editor you pick allows you to trim the videos easily.  Learn how to trim videos the fast and easy way here>

2. Music Library

As you might have noticed, a clever blend of good videos and music will surely make your travel video engaging. We have seen the magic of good sound in promos and it will also work well for your travel videos. In this regards, you need a video editor that allows you add the kind of music or instrumentals that fit in well with the kind of video you have. You should also keep an eye on the formats supported by the video editor keeping in mind that most editors will tend to support only MP3 thus forcing you to look for a converter in the case you have other audio formats. Perhaps you can go for a video editor that has a music library. Just ensure that you do not infringe on copyright when picking up your audio especially if you are uploading the video to YouTube.

3. Effects

The other features you should scrutinize are the effects afforded by the video editor. We are talking about things like video effects and transitions. As a matter of fact, video effects and transitions might look complex to do but a good video editor comes with tons of tools to let you customize them in a way that you fancy.

Top Travel Video Editor for Windows/Mac

Now that you know a thing or two about selecting a good video editor for your travel videos, let’s look at a tool you can use.

1. Movavi Slideshow Maker

If you are a PC or a Mac user and looking to transform some of your travel images into a video then this is the tool you can go for. The tool comes with a marvelous timeline features perfect for crafting stories out of those travel videos you have in your gallery. The real beauty is that the Movavi Slideshow Maker has lots of effects and transitions that will ensure the video is as catchy as you want it to be.


  • Lots of effects in store for users
  • Quite easy to use even for novice users
  • Has some cool basic edits like auto enhance, volume leveling, rotate etc


  • Limited to Windows and Mac OS

2. Movavi Video Suite

This is a simple video suite featuring some top quality editing tools you can find around. No wonder it is even used for top professional video editors.  That aside, you can tap into the power of this tool for your own projects as well. The real beauty is that it has a very good multi-track editing environment and workspaces designed to make it smooth for you to tailor make your videos


  • One of the cheapest professional video editing software
  • Comes with royalty free music in a library
  • Has some pretty awesome special effects you can use
  • Supports most audio and video formats


  • Limited to Mac and Windows


This is a free video editing suite for windows that can also be used for creating professional videos. It is actually free but do not be skeptical just yet! It is only free given that the developer is looking to encourage use and improvements. That said, it is already rising in popularity among video lovers.


  • Great for non-linear editing
  • Has a good selection of effects and transitions
  • Easy to use


  • You have to disable hardware acceleration to export your videos

The Top Free Online Video Editors

There are some very good free online video editors that can do the job for your travel projects as well. In fact, there are many out there but here we look at one that stands a cut above the rest:


This is a pretty simple but it could be useful for small travel videos. It is essentially a web service where you can upload your pics or videos customize the styles then it will output the edited video. You can also go for Animoto apps on your phone but the web service gives far better results


  • Gives you the ability to customize your video elements albeit with minimal editor-type function
  • Has lots of soundtracks to pick from-The base account has 500 tracks
  • Allows you to share the output to social networks particularly twitter, email, Facebook among others


  • A bit expensive for users working on one time projects

Best Video Editor For Android and IOS Devices


In the smartphone era, you can also take advantage of smartphone apps to edit your travel videos. Yes, that’s right and one tool that can do this pretty well is Quik. This is a tool available for both Android and IOS users allowing you to photos and short videos swiftly. You may not have a lot of control with this tool but you can edit each frame by just tapping onto the editing module.


  • You can combine up to 200 photos not just from your local gallery but also from connected Facebook, Instagram or GoPro Plus
  • Has some good themes to pick from
  • Quite easy to use


  • Doesn’t offer full editing control

Final Remarks

There you have it! Now you can pick a video editing tool that fits in with the kind of travel videos you are looking to handle. Just keep in mind that less is always more. So, keep your editing simple, precise and creative and you are bound to get good results.

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